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  1. Installing a dimmer on Baja S1s

    I have a Baja S1 installed on my camper as a work/kitchen light. It is great but can be too bright depending on what we are doing, so I want to add a simmer. I have considered the Skene dimmer, but wanted to see if there are other options...
  2. South Carolina Mopar Mesh Sunbonnet

    For sale is a Mopar mesh sunbonnet. New in box. Greenville, SC $75 Shipping at your cost.
  3. OEM lug nuts

    I have two sets of OEM lug nuts since I put new wheels on our JL and JT. Do they have any value? What did you do with your old lug nuts?
  4. Stiff steering when cold

    I have a 2021 Mojave with: 3" JKS lift Falcon 2.1 steering stabilizer stock tires Upon starting in the morning when it is cold, the steering is very stiff for the first 5 or 10 feet of driving. Once I am out of my driveway, everything is normal. I have not noticed it at night when leaving...
  5. Regearing for 35s or 37s and a heavy load

    I have a Mojave and am planning to go to 35 or 37s soon. I am heavy as I have an AluCab canopy camper, steel bumpers, winch, bike rack, etc. Around 1200 lbs total payload, right at the limit. We take the rack off when we are offroad, unless just gravel. I have a 3” JKS lift. In the next two...
  6. Water under my passenger floor mat

    I noticed water under my passenger floor mat a few times recently. The water is only under the mat, never on top. It is not rain because it has happened when we have not had rain for a week. I have not been driving through deep water (or shallow). I know the AC condensate line is on that side...
  7. ARB under seat install

    I had a local shop install a dual compressor under the passenger seat of my JT. i recently had them get me another compressor and mount so I could install it in my wife’s JL. Well I get home and have a compressor and the mount kit, but no short hose line and no coupler. Kind of pisses me off...
  8. South Carolina Sold: Rok Blokz front mud flaps

    For sale are a set of Rok Blokz front mud flaps. These are the standard size. Orange logo. $45. Located in Greenville, SC. Can ship at your cost.
  9. South Carolina Sold: OEM sliders from my Mojave

    For sale is a set of OEM sliders from my Mojave. Located in Greenville, SC. $150 OBO
  10. South Carolina Sold: FS Mopar bed rail tie down anchors

    I am selling 4 Mopar bed rail tie down anchors, rails are not included. Buyer pays shipping. $100.
  11. Wiring diagram for tail lights

    I carry bikes on a hitch mount rack and the bikes block the tail lights too much. It was not as much of an issue with my last three vehicles, but it is bad with the Jeep. I want to wire an extra set of brake and turn signals and mount them either on the rack or on my topper. does anyone have a...
  12. South Carolina Sold: Mopar sun bonnet

    for sale, new in box: Mopar sun bonnet 68472543aa retail $150 Asking $75 (obo) plus shipping located in north west South Carolina.
  13. Relocating the control box

    Hello all. I have purchased a Warn EVO 10s winch and will be installing it this weekend on my TJM with a LOD bumper. In the reading on this site I decided I wanted to add a disconnect, so it is on order. I have the OEM aux switches so the final wiring connection will happen next weekend. In...
  14. Canopy vs canopy camper vs off road trailer...trying to decide

    I have an RSI canopy/topper on order for my Mojave that we are going to set up to allow us to sleep in the bed. We will probably get the DAC tent extender to give us a little more space and so we do not have to open the rear hatch to get in and out. We used to camp two to three times a month and...
  15. Hiking, biking, and wheeling options in NM

    Hello all, Due to covid travel difficulties our trip to Spain was canceled this year. We are still hoping for our Christmas trip to Costa Rica, we will know soon. If that gets canceled in the next two weeks, we are planning a camping, biking and wheeling trip within a few hours from home. Win...
  16. Low winch bumper without a winch

    I am looking for a new front bumper and eventually a winch. I want a low mount winch but will not be adding it until I see how much I use the truck off-road in conditions where I am likely to use it. While I want to get the bumper now, I am afraid to based on how it will look without a winch...