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  1. LoD Destroyer Front Bumper

    Completed the install of the LoD Destroyer Front Bumper. The most time consuming part of the install was the disassembly of the factory plastic bumper in order to get to the fog light wiring harness. Factory plastic bumper taken apart to remove fog light wiring harness: Before: After:
  2. LoD Destroyer Rear Bumper and Bed Skids

    Just installed the LoD Destroyer rear bumper and it went together really easily. I am however having issues installing the bed skids with the instructions provided and wondered if anyone else has had a similar issue. Not sure if the instructions provided are for a different model of Gladiator...
  3. Just Joined the Gladiator Club!!

    Hey there Gladiator Forum! Really excited to join the forums officially as the owner of a new 2021 Gladiator. I’ve always been a Jeep fan and this is now the forth one I have owned. Previously, I've owned a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport, a 2006 Rubicon TJ, and 2017 Rubicon Unlimited JK. Something...