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  1. FAD, Keep It Or Delete It?

    As the title says, what are the pro's and con's? Now is the time before I install my D44's.
  2. I Scored Some Semi Built Axles

    A couple weeks back I was conversing with the group here about lockers and my need/want to have some. Well I found some. Turns out I ran across a deal (I think) on some Rubicon take off axles. 19000 miles on the pair and 5000 miles on the 5.13 Spicer gears that are in them. These were built by...
  3. A New EV JT Rubicon In The Family

    Ok maybe slightly misleading but it is what the title says it is. Seriously though, my youngest grandson turns 3 in a couple weeks and I put this together for him today. My little guys main TV request is to watch Jeeps on YouTube. He LOVES them. He asked me this morning if he could have a Jeep...
  4. OX Lockers?? Whats the Opinion

    Anyone using these or have experience with OX lockers? I kinda like the manual capability option.
  5. Single or Double Lockers

    I have a 21 Willys with a LSD in the rear and an open diff up front. I will eventually install lockers as that is the one and only regret I have about buying a non Rubicon JT. My question for the masses is should I install 1 locker up front and leave the LSD as is or bite the bullet and double...
  6. Inner Fenders Installed

    Got the front Fishbone inner fenders on yesterday. I'll get the rears installed this weekend.
  7. Climbing a Muddy Hill

    So we got out and played a little at AOP in South Pittsburgh TN (near Chattanooga) yesterday. It had been raining so it was a little sloppy. About half our group had to be winched up the hill. The JT handled it like a boss!
  8. New Tennessee License Plate Coming Soon

    I realize this is a Tennessee specific post but wanted to share the design of the Jeep plate that is about to be made available to us Tennesseans who want a Jeep plate. The top one is the standard issue example and the bottom one represents what the personalized plate will look like. These are...
  9. Fun In The Driveway

    So I installed the JKS disconnects earlier this week and decided I really need to see my truck flexed for the first time. Who wouldn't think that's cool, right?? Anyway here's some virgin flex shots, lol. Looks like a little rubbing may be in my future.
  10. Door Off Mirror Options

    I haven't seen alot of options for door off mirrors so I thought I would share what we use for our JT's. Got these knock off Harley mirrors on Amazon for around $40 for the pair. The included studs are barely long enough so I bought some 4" long m8 all thread and cut them to the proper length...
  11. Tennessee 275 70 18 Bridgestone Dueler Revo 3

    Set of very good Bridgestone Dueler Revo 3's. These are mounted, balanced, and have the Jeep tpms sensors still in them. Also includes a complete set of lug nuts and locking lug nuts. They're ready to be installed and used. I would estimate they easily have another 30,000 or more miles left on...
  12. Finally Lifted

    So I finally got my green machine up in the air this week. Actually I got both JT's lifted this week. Wife is really happy with her Gator Overland too. Both JT's got a Mopar 2" and 1.5" Teraflex leveling kits, Core 4x4 tier 3 adjustable track bars front and rear. My Willys also got 35 12.50 17...
  13. Obvious Traction Issues

    Anyone see this video of a Gladiator driving down the road with the front left wheel missing? If the audio works there's a little bit of foul language. Crazy video, hope the link works.
  14. Chevy Colorado Killing The Duramax for 23

    Seen this article and thought it was worth sharing. I believe this would leave the JT as the only mid size offering with a diesel engine. The performance numbers of the 2.7 I4 engine replacing the duramax are pretty impressive though, especially the torque...
  15. Rattle Can Freedom Panels With Flex Seal

    I did a search but nothing came up. Has anyone that wants to rattle can the inside if their freedom panels considered using flex seal? Since it is basically a spray on rubberized coating, I wonder if it would work together with any other sound dampening methods to further improve the objective...
  16. Introduction

    Hi everyone. I finally joined the forum but I've been hanging around the site for a few months now. My wife and I got bit by the bug back in August last year when we rented a JLU and drove it home to Tennessee from Vegas. May sound lame but that was our vacation. Spending quality time together...