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  1. This has to be the most simple part to find

    Guilty of not reading all the way! Now we demand pictures to know what you are talking about!
  2. This has to be the most simple part to find

    He's looking for the kick plate for the doors. not hard top covers. https://parts.moparonlineparts.com/v-2022-jeep-gladiator--sport-s--3-6l-v6-gas/interior-trim--panels-moldings-scuff-plates-pillar-cowl-1-4-panel-trim-and-cargo-covers
  3. California 1/4" or 3/8" thick steel bumper spacers

    Looking for a set of 1/4" and 3/8". Have any available?
  4. New "CRAP" System from Rough Country

    Mod cheap, mod twice!
  5. Lets hear about your Lift

    Clayton 3.5" diesel lift with the falcon shocks. So far so good, and I like the way it rides. I don't have all the extra weight on it minus the RSE sliders, but it certainly handles well so far (picture doesn't have the RSE step sliders on it).
  6. Clayton Off Road JT Suspension Systems

    Well dang! Looks like I bought a week too early. But I have to say, the Clayton's team is second to none. The 3.5" Overland+ Diesel Kit came all neatly packaged in 10 boxes and went on relatively flawlessly. Definitely has a better attitude with the lift and 37's.