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  1. New secret 2023 model unveiled

    Sorry for anyone who got baited. Couldn't help myself.
  2. Uwharrie Natl Forest closures. Dickey Bell badge.

    Just saw this from an Uwahrrie Facebook club. So if you're trying to get a Dickey Bell badge or anything. Might not get the chance soon as potential closures could happen. Tough loss for Mid Atlantic guys.
  3. Rocks, Ice, and Mud. Union Springs and Bald Mountain trails

    Wife and I did 3 trails these past 2 days... Union Springs which was a blast! Flagpole Knob which isn't really worth talking about. It was nice and scenic. And Bald Mountain Jeep trail. All in Virginia, within an hour if each other. Here's a photo dump in order if when we got to them. 2021...
  4. Looking for a trip 18th through 22nd

    Wife and I prefer to do Rausch Creek trails but we saw the rules and they have a 2 vehicle group minimum. So unless we get a partner we're screwed on that. We thought about doing Peter's Mills again or Crabtree Falls. Anyone like to tag along?
  5. Wifes pregnant. We finally told everyone.

    This was our clever way of doing it. Haha.
  6. Wiper speed

    Anyone else not feel the wiper speed on high is still extremely slow? Anyone know any aftermarket solutions?
  7. Advanced Safety features disabled?

    Hey went on a trail this weekend, no rain, or mud, just rocks and dirt. I scraped twice once on sliders and once on skid plates. On the skid plates one, I scraped on a clay dirt hill due to break over angle and 3 seconds later after I recieved a Advanced Safety features disabled message and...
  8. Peter's Mill Run and Luray Caverns

    Wife and I went on a little weekend getaway and did our first trail in the Gladiator and did some sight seeing. And even helped a local farmer air his trailer tires. The videos we took and some of the pictures are too big to be added so I posted as many screenshots as I could. But it was a fun...
  9. OBX Camping and Beach

    Wife and I took a trip and camped out at the Outer Banks. We love it here it's beautiful.
  10. Poor mans tie downs

    Not really poor. My rack system just isn't making it in time for this camping trip me and wife are taking. Haha. Some rope, D rings, and some not in picture ratchet straps and we're good to go.
  11. Leaking window sealer?!

    So I took a good look at my truck today after washing bird shit off and I noticed what seems to be leaking polyurethane sealant? Has anyone ever had this issue? I'll be going back to the dealer to inquire about it since I've only had the truck a week now.