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  1. Non-working MOPAR Aux Switches? Check your battery!

    PSA, if you hop into your JL/JT and the aux switches button text light up but aux switch orange indicator light doesn't light up when the button is pressed, get your battery charged up! Ran into this today on my 2020 JT, stumped me for a bit until I realized it's been a bit cold recently and I...
  2. TopperLift Nomad Camper - Pics and Reviews

    I'm a recent owner of a gently used ARE CX topper, and am curious if anyone has any experience with the TopperLift Nomad Camper system (non-lift version) with their gladiators? It looks like a slick way to gain some extra sleeping length in the bed for the occasional camper. Unfortunately it...
  3. Aftermarket rear steel bumpers that bolt up to the Mopar bed rock rails?

    I'm looking into aftermarket bumpers, and I'm curious if anyone has found any that were designed to still bolt up to the MOPAR bed rock rails? By "bolt up" I mean the bumper attaches to the 2 bolt points that each of the 2 rock rails use to attach to the ends of the MOPAR rear steel bumper...
  4. South Dakota Sold: Jeep JL/JT MOPAR Factory LED Fog Lights

    Selling my great condition JL/JT MOPAR LED fog lights that were removed from my MOPAR steel front bumper. $100 plus shipping. Refer to the attached image to see if it'll fit your vehicle.
  5. Undisclosed WTB Silver Rubicon JT Grill

    Looking to pick up a billett silver gladiator grill if any of you upgraded to an aftermarket one. Shoot me a PM with a price and we'll chat.
  6. Gladiator Sport Freedom Edition Package

    Anyone have more insight on the new freedom package? Someone on the Gladiator facebook groups posted some limited info and a somewhat blurry pic. Can be had with the max tow package, and the package itself includes LED headlights, fogs, fender DRLs, steel front a rear bumpers, cab rock rails...
  7. Minnesota WTB Silver Rubicon Grille and Hood

    Looking for a silver Rubicon grille and hood. I know odds are slim, but if you replaced either with aftermarket let me know!
  8. Sport S Max Tow - Stoked new owner, 11.5% under invoice

    Since the gladiator announcement, I (as many others) have been agonizing over getting a Sport S Max Tow or splurging with the Rubicon. I'm a minimalistic type guy, and since the beginning have had a suspicion that buyer's remorse would hit me if I got the Rubi, but the $6k price difference in my...
  9. South Dakota WTB Rubicon takeoff wheels with tires

    Looking for either the base or upgraded Rubicon factory wheels with tires. Let me know what you've got!