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  1. Where did you mount your iDash or other 52 mm gauges?

    On my recently-stolen 2022 JTRD, I'd had the Bank Derringer and PedalMonster along with the iDash 52 mm gauge. I had mounted it using their suction-cup mount up in the top-left corner of the windshield and ran the cable down behind the A-pillar. I'd like to see what others have done for their...
  2. 2022 JTRD stolen from driveway (don't let it happen to you)

    In the early hours of Jan 3, my much-loved 2022 JT Rubicon Diesel was stolen from my driveway here in Ottawa. It was locked and alarmed (factory) and all that, but the perps very likely had cloned my key fob. I had no idea that this was a thing that, now having read all about it, is extremely...
  3. Stock Rubi axles with 40s—OK for hard wheeling or no?

    Question about wheeling 40s with stock Rubi axles: I do a fair amount of rock crawling (as opposed to overlanding or mud-bogging). My last rig was a 2020 JLUR (2L) on 37s and never had even a hint of an issue. I’ve got a 2022 JTRD coming to me in just over a week. I’ve ordered a Fabtech 5”...