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  1. Another Gladiator look-a-like...

    These G-Wagon pickup’s have existed for decades now. However, this is definitely one of the weirder ones I’ve seen for the new G-Wagon (what’s up with that rear window area?).

    Jeep web team has been working on the B&P for JL/JT for 2023 so some of the website stuff for B&P shows up wrong (like hood decals) or it’s just not set up and just shows a blank image with the Jeep logo on it.
  3. Foggy windshield reveals possible Easter Egg I did not know existed.

    Can’t have them trying to ink any deals!
  4. Christmas creative scene!!! Post yours!!

    Not the most creative but I think it’s festive enough.
  5. Ain’t no Gladiator but….

    Nissan actually sells an Xterra in global markets. They (bizarrely) don’t think it has a market here. It uses the Nevara (Frontier’s cousin) platform.
  6. What’s this connection for?

    That’s where the cables for the adaptive cruise control would plug into. Since you don’t have that it’s not connected to anything.
  7. Vinyl wrap cooking paint?

    As long as it’s professionally (correctly) installed, it will act as a protective barrier for your Jeeps paint and finish. A lot of the times you’ll hear clear wraps referred to either as a “clear bra” or “paint protection film”.
  8. Gladiator Not Going Electric Says Jeep CEO?

    Jeep has already said the Recon isn’t a Wrangler replacement but rather aimed at a different group of buyers. Sure some overlap is there, but the Recon is a larger vehicle than the Wrangler and has different appeal. Jeep would never do something to put its prized possession in jeopardy.
  9. Grill Fitment

    Yes the grilles are interchangeable. However, none of the components are. So if you’re wanting to upgrade to the 3-piece grille you’re going to need to find someone selling a brand new grille with all the pieces, or you’re gonna have have to order a new grille, the mesh, and the three trim...
  10. End of Manual Transmission

    The Magneto 2.0 EJS concept does yes. But the 4Xe is auto-only.
  11. Good after market LED options?

    No it’s very straightforward. You just connect to the DRL wire out of the back of the headlight unit, run it around to the fuse box, and then just tap into a fuse that’s powered by the ignition switch. Video below is the taillights. As you can see they’re plenty bright during the day. I’ve had...
  12. Good after market LED options?

    I’ve had these https://a.co/d/3d75bIN since August of 2020 and have had no issues. They have a great pattern, crisp cutoff, and are extremely bright without being blinding (I made sure to adjust them correctly). I have smoked Kiwi Master taillights as well and only went with them because of how...
  13. EV bus catches fire in extreme heat?

    It has been studied by various groups that EV’s are statistically less prone to vehicle fires than ICE or Hybrid vehicles. https://www.kbb.com/car-news/study-electric-vehicles-involved-in-fewest-car-fires/...
  14. diesel fuel capacity - almost had a mishap

    Of all the vehicles I’ve owned (including other Mopar products) the Jeep is the only one I’ve had that was way off on DTE. I’ve had it go to the point where it stopped reading miles just said (LOW) and still had about 2 gallons in the tank when I filled up.
  15. 2023 Gladiator Order Banks Are Now Open!

    Yeah I just pulled an image search cause I didn’t take photos of the ones I’ve seen in person. If I see another I’ll be sure to document the encounter lol
  16. Sun Rider Flip top for Hard top (Mopar)

    Sorry to hear that happened to you. I haven’t noticed any issues with the Z clips on mine as everything is as snug and taught as the day I first installed it. I will say trying to get them attached and aligned in the hole the first time was a pain.
  17. Sun Rider Flip top for Hard top (Mopar)

    The Z clips are the silver clips that you feed through from the top into the hole in the side rail. I’ve heard people have issues with those breaking, but you’d have to be pretty abusive on the top for that to break.
  18. Sun Rider Flip top for Hard top (Mopar)

    1. When I first had it installed and opened I took it on a little “break-in” drive just to get used to the sounds versus my hardtop. One thing I noticed is occasionally the wind will catch the flaps where it locks into the hardtop and those can make “popping” sounds. One thing you’ll definitely...
  19. 2023 Gladiator Order Banks Are Now Open!

    Oh I’m positive it wasn’t nacho! It was definitely HellaYella cause it caught my eye immediately from across the way, in the same way my Yellowjacket challenger did. I’ve seen a good number of Nacho’s. If I had seen one HellaYella I’d say def a wrap. But I’ve seen 2 and both were rubicons with...