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  1. Turning off the radio without shutting the screen off completely ??? ( 2021 8.4")

    Not 100% on Android, but Apple CarPlay can be made wireless by buying a wireless adapter. The adapter is plugged into the USB port in the Jeep, then the phone connects to the adapter.
  2. Turning off the radio without shutting the screen off completely ??? ( 2021 8.4")

    I’m not the OP, just adding my experience with using USB in relation to silencing the radio.
  3. Turning off the radio without shutting the screen off completely ??? ( 2021 8.4")

    I listen to music from my USB stick all the time (my input is always on USB). But when I start the truck, 75% of the time it switches back to Radio. Pretty annoying. My routine most days: 1. Get in truck and start it 2. Put into reverse, drive 3 feet 3. Realize it’s switched back to radio 4...
  4. GMRS users

    Sorry man, no offense meant. It is just a silly internet joke. Since your user name is “radio guy” and you’re posting correct info about radio use, hence your username is accurate as to your interest in this topic.
  5. GMRS users

    User name checks out.
  6. GMRS users

    “Transmissions that do not have the correct tone are not heard”…by you, the person that has the tone activated. You cannot transmit a message that can’t be heard by other people. A privacy code on your radio set to channel 1 squelch 142 forced your radio to ignore all transmissions on channel 1...
  7. GMRS users

    Just to get on the same page, those aren’t privacy channels. If you’re on 1-12, anyone on channel 1 can hear you. It’s only that you won’t hear them unless they’re sending on 1-12. Just so nobody is thinking their conversation is private just because you’re using one of the “privacy” codes.
  8. GMRS users

    I have a license as well, but the whole callsign after a transmission seems like a joke. What’s stopping someone from hearing my transmission and then using my call sign for the next 5 years when they use the more powerful channels?
  9. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    That mini skid looks awesome! Where did you get it? Or was it DIY?
  10. How are you protecting diffs?

    I’ve got the Metalcloak rear skid, but realized it makes diff oil changes more difficult. Just something to consider when shopping around. Especially if you’re a believer in frequent fluid changes for the diffs (which I don’t have a strong opinion about, but have seen posts from folks that do)...
  11. What do I need to go off road the first time?

    Also a cheap manual bow saw can be acquired pretty early. Mine is a Harbor Freight one, was prob all of $7, but has cut through 2 trees that were partially blocking the trail, but were frozen to the ground and could not be pushed off the trail. Something like this...
  12. Anyone guinea pig these winches from Amazon?

    I am in the same boat, got the Zeak 13k winch, but have not had the need to use it, so no real input on it yet. I guess it went in just fine, includes both a wired and a wireless remote (both worked perfectly) and fired up without issues. The one thing I remember is that the control box is only...
  13. Anyone guinea pig these winches from Amazon?

    This sentiment comes up in many threads and shows a real lack of imagination. Yeah, likely not a lot of a gladiator owners are eating soup out of the can. But there is also something to be said for not overspending on something you might never use (for a casual off-roader). If someone markets a...
  14. ⚠️ Announcing New Member’s Marketplace / Classifieds Section Rules

    You can send your opinion to the seller via private message, instead of posting it in their thread.
  15. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    lol, I love how nowhere did he say he liked it, a true master of suspense! Just that’s it’s different.
  16. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Which light bar is that on your bumper? Looks great.
  17. W T F

    Do they use the same box to also sell an RC Bronco maybe?
  18. Factory Bedliner overspray in bolt holes - how to access bolt holes?

    What the heck did you search for? “How to use tap and die” brings up a lot of results on the YouTube.
  19. Blue Ridge Overland Attic released for Jeep Gladiator

    Just got mine installed last night. My fingers are pretty raw from trying to tighten the straps. But hopefully it’s a once and done deal. I’m 5’11”, and when I sit under the empty attic, I’m pretty close to brushing it with my head. Of course everyone’s torso/leg ratio might be a little...