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  1. Incoming competition: 2024 Ranger Raptor first look on U.S. production line

    Looks good to me. I got over 350k miles out of the one Ranger I owned. But, where the heck do you mount a winch on the new rig? And, those tailpipes are going to be crushed flat, like beer cans, the first time they encounter a serious rock garden.
  2. "4xAIR" - 4xe cowl panel air coupler / rocker switch insert for onboard air

    You reckon I could easily make this work with my current set-up: ARB twin compressor mounted on driver’s side fire wall with the air chuck and switch panel currently located under the hood atop the left quarter panel?
  3. Happier Then or Happier Now?

    13 months in, I’m pleased with my 2020 JTR I bought used with 15k miles. I’ve had no issues. With a bed cap and backseat dog hammock, it’s a great dog hauler. Never before had a convertible vehicle and I love that. Had never before done much mechanical work and I’ve enjoyed lifting, installing a...
  4. Looking for a unicorn phone mount. Any suggestions?

    iPhone 13 on a Bulletpoint mount
  5. Amazing Gladiator trips in 2022 from Florida to California and back! Love this Jeep...

    WOW! Well done. I’m 62 years old. Is it too late for me to become you? If no, please PM me with step-by-step instructions.
  6. low profile rear seat delete

    WOW! Very nicely done. I have 4 big dogs, 370 total pounds of flesh. I capped the bed. The bed will hold 3 dogs, at most, at a time. With one of the 120 pounders in the back seat on the Dirtydog hammock, I can haul all 4. I would be very interested if your solution became available. Since it’s...
  7. My speedometer read about 20MPH faster than I was was actually going

    Nope. However, this morning, when the temps ranged from 1 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit, my backup warning system malfunctioned such that it dinged away with open space behind me when backing. I figured it was the cold and will see how it behaves in a couple days.
  8. Cloth Upholstery, Dogs and Seatcovers

    As soon as I brought my 2020 Rubicon home, I installed Bartact Baseline front and rear seat covers to cover its leather seats. I also covered the rear door interiors with ThinSkinz and installed a DirtyDog dog hammock and webbing cargo divider to give my dogs a safe, comfortable rear seat area...
  9. Massive Deep Freeze for Christmas?

    Still far enough out that the weather folks can’t tell if we in the mid-Atlantic might hold out hopes for a white Christmas. As of yesterday, the forecast called for highs in the 20s next Thursday and Friday with a good chance of snow. This afternoon, those low temps remained in the forecast but...
  10. Is this why the Gladiator prices are dropping?

    Sweet Jeeps! Sweet tile roof as well.
  11. Let’s see your pets cause they are the best companion you can have!!!!!

    Kobe and Cooper at the top, Flapjack at center, Daisy at bottom. Posted ‘em before, but I never tire of dogs and, naively, figure others feel the same.
  12. Practical, Useful, or just Cool

    With 4 dogs, about 365 pounds of canine, a cap and a back seat DirtyDog hammock are necessities.
  13. What did you HAUL in your JT today?

    Dogs, hundreds of pounds of dogs.
  14. My ass is killing me after a 4-hour drive

    Ditto on the Seat Jackers. While not magical, they significantly increased my comfort and help delay the onset of aching hams and glutes on long drives.
  15. Is a winch really necessary?

    As Christian Slater’s character, Clarence Worley, in “True Romance” said, “Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.” He was referring to a hand gun he decided to carry into a business meeting that turned into a massive shootout. You get the idea.
  16. We need to talk about the “Jeep Wave”

    Marylander here. Had my Gladiator for 10 months. I live in a rural area and pretty much every JT and JK driver I encounter gives the wave. At first, I was confused. Once a friend explained it to me, I started reciprocating. Just as with waving at my neighbors when I or they drive past, I...
  17. Ruffland Kennel For Your Dog

    This hammock and divider from Dirty Dog works great for me and my 4 dogs. On the rare occasions when I need the back seats for bipeds, the hammock can be detached from the back seats in a couple of minutes, rolled up and strapped to the mesh wall. The two 120 pounders go in the cap covered bed...
  18. Can someone explain why I still love my truck??

    There is nothing like going home from work naked in a Jeep!