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  1. How long did your windshield last before cracking?

    Haven't heard of them. I just sent them an e-mail as they don't have the OEM part number for my windshield listed on their site.
  2. Perfect Wheel Backspacing for 37's on 2" Lift - Rubi Diesel Axles / Fenders

    No. A +6 on a 9" wheel will give you 1/2" more poke (and 1/2" more backspace) than a +6 om an 8" wide wheel. As the centerline (and location of the hub) remains the same, the extra 1" in wheel width is divided equally on each side.
  3. Warn Winch Recall

    I received my confirmation that they received my submission within 48 hours. What I received today was the approval notice. I initially submitted on the 13th, right after the actual recall notice and form was published.
  4. Warn Winch Recall

    Got my official notice that my submission was accepted. " Please allow 8-10 weeks for a rebate to be issued."
  5. Transmission service

    I'd say the dealer looking to give you the flush just wants to flush your pocket!
  6. Quality of life upgrades?

    Creature comforts I've added are Hotheads Headliner, Rock Slide Eng. step sliders, and seat lift spacers (passenger seat-so wife can see out the windshield). I also use two 2 x 4s in the bed slots--handy for groceries (also fits a pizza box).
  7. Hardtop Headliner Opinions Needed

    Hothead's Sound Assasin strips, and probably most of your soundproofings, can be cut with either heavier scissors or a very sharp knife so you can put it how and where you'd like.
  8. Hardtop Headliner Opinions Needed

    FYI--Hothead Headliners don't have any foil near the antenna.
  9. What do I need to go off road the first time?

    Most of my recovery gear is in a Rubbermaid-type bin in the bed, but real important stuff like the winch control, strap, tree strap and some soft shackles are under the rear seat. Over the year I've been stuck a few times where I couldn't open the rear gate on vehicles....
  10. AEV Dual Sport Lifts - what else is needed

    As it came with the front correction brackets and the rear track bar relocation bracket, the only thing I added was 1/2 terraflex front spacer (had 1 1/2" spacers in before the lift was installed) and a Clayton front adjustable track bar. Rides great!
  11. Warn Winch Recall

    According to the NHTSA Safety Recall Report (see bottom of page 5 & top of page 6)-- https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/rcl/2022/RCLRPT-22E101-1107.PDF
  12. Warn Winch Recall

    As far as the convenience of taking a photo, that is a helluvalot easier than sending the remote back to warn for a replacement that's not even made yet, or removing and returning the entire winch! I sent them a pic of the battery pack showing the cut wires, a copy of the receipt, and for good...
  13. Warn Winch Recall

    It's listed on the NHTSA site as an equipment recall number 22E101000.
  14. Warn Winch Recall

    You want the voucher, you take the pics. I didn't see where it said "keep using the remote wirelessly as long as it's still working" anywhere on the VR Evo Remote Info page. My controller (built May, 2021) was never wet, either, but the battery pack did show early signs of corrosion. What...
  15. Warn Winch Recall

    Info can be found here-- https://www.warn.com/vr-evo-remote-info Funny, my controller was never out in the wet weather and has only been used to spool/respool the line once and to check the winch functionality once a season, but it's showing a bit of corrosion on the battery pack!
  16. Warn Winch Recall

    Doesn't fit. The VR EVO winches are completely different.
  17. Warn Winch Recall

    I've seen a few different guesses on the 'net saying what WARN may or may not do and how quick it may or may not be. The info I posted was what I was told by customer service when I called them on Wednesday. For more details, I suggest you read the second half of page 6 and the first part of...
  18. 33x11.50 on Stock Sport S????

    I think everyone's missing the obvious. The wheels won't fit, as the bolt pattern is 5 x 4 1/2" on YJ, 5 x 5" on JT. Also, keep in mind your new JT's wheels are 17" in diameter, smaller wheels might not clear the brakes and/or suspension.
  19. Bed Rack compatible with hard 3 fold tonneau cover

    While the company states it fits, under "FAQ's" I noticed this---- Will I be able to open my cover with the rack installed? - Folding covers will not be able to open. - Retractable covers will still function. - Rollup covers can only roll until the cover hits the back legs of the rack.
  20. How long did your windshield last before cracking?

    18 months, 21000 miles. I'll leave it for now because putting a new windshield in would just be tempting fate! Funny thing is, the crack changes direction ever so slightly and moves a bit further along every time I run the defroster! I'll probably replace it when it reaches an edge....