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  1. WHOA! Portal Axles for Gladiator look awesome

    Just for comparison, 74Weld says theirs are 1:1.22 reduction DSTrac axles say "Portal Gear reduction 1:1.20" I'm seeing GWagen kits that are 1.16:1 Really curious if anyone finds those to be streetable
  2. WHOA! Portal Axles for Gladiator look awesome

    3.73 axle plus these particular portals is the equivalent of 4.56s (am I the only one that watched the video?). Plenty of people doing that daily on 37+ tires No one's yet mentioned the additional drag of 4 extra gear reduction stages, but it's significant. Looking forward to someone showing...
  3. Varmint-proof Engine Air Intake Project

    Interesting. I finally got around to trying to protect the air intakes today. I don't know if things are different on my 2022 diesel, but there's no HVAC intake between the wipers. Or on either side of the wipers - unless it's in a gap between welded panels under the cowl, totally...
  4. Gladiator Expedition Rigs

    Before this turns into a grim game of overlanding telephone, let's just refer to actual prices: https://tinyrigco.com/collections/canopy-camper/products/alu-cab-canopy-camper Base unit no options is about $10k. Truck-specific install kit ~$500. Sea freight ~$1250 when I got mine (this might...
  5. California Gladiator 2” iron rock lift

    I think you might want to edit the thread title? :) If you're selling a whole Gladiator for $140, I'll take it lol
  6. Gofastcamper (gfc) mods, tips, pics, bs and builds

    Yes, yes, and yes. You can probably get away with just spacers for a time, or just a spring replacement that gets you back to stock height. But if you're like most people, you'll want to do the full kit sooner than later
  7. Anything that will help maintain visibility?

    RainX on the windshield will fog/haze over time in bright sun and lack of rain (ie CA climate, where dust is often a bigger visibility problem than rain). If for whatever reason you find you have RainX on some glass and want to remove it - acetone. Not much else will remove it easily
  8. winch wiring - going big(ger)?

    I went overkill with 1/0 wire on my VR 10 Evo. I had a somewhat theoretical concern to maximize the pull power of the 10k winch I got. Looking at the charts, if the 2g wire heats up and limits current draw at the motor by 60 amps, you've dropped down to 8000 lbs. (Similar story but worse with...
  9. Alu-Cab Canopy Camper Roll Call

    We keep our ice chest in the right rear corner, and use that as a step ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Alu-Cab Canopy Camper Roll Call

    The dimensions I just pulled from my camper are base width 15mm, slot width 8mm, overall thickness 10mm (4mm lip, 6mm slot height), and no more than 11mm overall length to fit in the entry slots (since all the rails are closed with welded joints at the ends). I don't think an off-the-shelf...
  11. Coverking Topliner - Review & Install

    Thanks, that's what I was figuring based on watching / reading install reports. I'll just go Hotheads and sound-deaden just under the panels, and call it good enough. I've got enough suck to embrace in other jeep projects, to be going out of my way to find more
  12. Coverking Topliner - Review & Install

    It's not possible to install the Topliner on the rear hardtop while on the vehicle right? Prior to installing an Alu-Cab Canopy Camper, I didn't really have a problem with wind or road noise. Had I known how much more wind noise I'd end up with, I'd have done the Topliner (and as much sound...
  13. Gladiator Expedition Rigs

    As a serious coffee nerd I thought I'd share an option for field coffee that doesn't require any 12V appliances... https://aeropress.com/ https://madebyknock.com/products/aergrind https://www.jetboil.com/ This is what I use to brew my home-roasted single-origin beans when camping. The hand...
  14. What do I need to go off road the first time?

    Let me tell you from experience... If your winch control and recovery equipment is under a back seat where you keep dogs, and you have to open the back door to get to it while in a mud pit, and the dogs freak out when you try to lift the seat, and jump out into the mud pit, you will have regret.
  15. Kenda Klever R/T 35x12.50x17

    If they were loaded to their absolute max load (3100+ lbs per corner from the specs, or a ~12,400 lbs vehicle) you might need the max pressure for the tire to survive. Since we're closer to 6000 lb vehicles, something in the mid 30s psi seems reasonable
  16. Truck's bed is poorly made....

    The other solution here (and once bigger than ~37-38", nothing will fit between the frame rails regardless of track bar design) is trail rail of some sort with appropriately sized tiedowns. Factory, Mopar kit, several aftermarket and DIY options. Bare sheet metal on a weight-optimized midsize...
  17. Warn Winch Recall

    I was curious about this: https://www.warn.com/products-powersports-vrx "VRX is available in 2,500, 3,500, and 4,500 lb. capacities" Looks like only ATV / SxS winches? Nothing truck class that I can see that's below the current VR Evo other than NOS somewhere EDIT: oops, I missed the VRZ vs...
  18. Warn Winch Recall

    See for yourself: https://datarebate.com/warn2023/ You won't be able to click Submit until a photo is uploaded. I guess anyone is free to upload a pic of their middle finger (or worse) if they disagree with this policy, or just the receipt and see what happens. I agree with you BTW, but...
  19. Warn Winch Recall

    You didn't see in this thread (and on every single truck and off-road forum on the internet) where people are talking about how to keep the wireless capability of the winch they chose? Well, now you're aware. But agreed, take all measures you can to guard against the problems seen in the...
  20. Warn Winch Recall

    How about this: it’s a standard thin molex between the PCB and the battery & port. Use a pick to gently lift up the thin plastic spring lock, and de-pin the grey and white battery wires. Take a picture like this: Submit for claim. None of anyone’s business what happens after that