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  1. Availability of Overland Campsites in SE U.S.

    I have not gone yet but plan to hit these in the spring, not sure if you've heard of them... SCAR = https://scadventureroute.wixsite.com/website Georgia Traverse = https://www.georgiaoverland.com/georgiatraverse.html
  2. Sold Order & In-Stock Specials!

    Another COMPLETELY SATISFIED Tri-City customer here. I met Travis in July of 21 and there is no BS with this mans sales. Perfect transaction, excellent people and just an awesome experience. Love my Mojave more everyday...thanks Travis!!
  3. Best way to buy a car in Idaho, then immediately drive 1500 miles home?

    Check Forum supporter @Koons_of_Tysons_Corner they are in Va. and closer to you also I personally recommend Tri-City in Eden NC (Travis). Both offer super deals!
  4. Amazing Gladiator trips in 2022 from Florida to California and back! Love this Jeep...

    Those are AMAZING pics! Thank you so much for sharing!
  5. Need help with tire size for wheel change

    If you contact [email protected] tires on this forum, he has all your answers and can assist getting the work done correctly.
  6. DAVECS1 Update (NSFW) joking!

    Ditto to all the above, really enjoyed reading and following along in your adventure. Sure gained a ton of knowledge from you and so thank you for that!! Godspeed brother...
  7. New guy

    Welcome aboard Pat - Great color!! Just a little partial to the white!
  8. Mojave Road, Thanksgiving 2022

    Excellent write up; very cool, thanks for sharing! It's on my bucket list now!!!!
  9. 2022 Mojave bumper and winch question

    I did not have any issues with either - I painted the skid flat black before I reinstalled; the fogs are stock, worst part about those was getting the wiring off the stock bumper…Arcus has adapter brackets for the fogs.
  10. Late start of my JT that started back in June 2019

    Nice build, thanks for sharing...awesome jeep.......and thank you very much for your service, Sir.
  11. jump syarting another vehicle

    I have one of these in the "go to" box in my truck....better safe than sorry...
  12. Mileage Milestones...

    Pulled up in the yard, looked down and there it was......
  13. The guy she tells you not to worry about

    For that kind of money I'd rather have an AMW V-8 in my Gladiator!!
  14. UPR Catch Can Alternative?

    I'm running JLT catch cans; one on my JT and the other on my sons JK. No issues, no leaks, no problems for a year now...
  15. JET throttle body spacer

    I do not run it in economy but there is a setting. The setting I am running is fairly low because the reaction is immediate. Too high and it drops a gear (even 2 or 3) to fast in normal highway driving. You have to play around with it to see what fits you best, there are many settings.
  16. JET throttle body spacer

    I have the idrive controller and absolutely love it. Here is a link if you want more information. As long as your only looking for throttle response and not hp gains, your ok. https://www.ultimate9.co/throttle-controllers?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkI2m8IPi-gIVsxNMCh2n9w8nEAAYASAAEgJFyPD_BwE
  17. How to stop rear seat beep when cargo on seat not a person

    Check this out..... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BDGDLQBR/ref=ox_sc_act_title_3?smid=A1OIV1YLR41S4W&th=1
  18. Soon to be...New to Me. objective input requested. Ramblings

    You're not really comparing apples to apples. There are ways to get a new JT on discount if you search on here - so you got the right price, a warranty and you order it EXACTLY as YOU want it. I did it with mine and I couldn't be happier... You have three different vehicles for three different...
  19. 2022 Mojave bumper and winch question

    I do not have a Warn, I went with Harbor Freight winch...and the Arcus. Love the Arcus, very happy with the final product/look, but don't try to install it alone, you need help getting everything to line up.
  20. Advice on dealing with difficult salesperson

    Just do a search on the site, there are literally hundreds of posts and check out Tri-City he is closer to you....way better deals from these guys and they are pros.