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  1. camper/topper/shell third brake light

    AVO wired the third brake light on my canopy camper and contour camper. What liability would a company have for not wiring it?
  2. camper/topper/shell third brake light

    When I had my canopy camper, I bought the trailer plug extender and wired extra lights to the camper. They were very visible. Now that I have a contour canopy, I am looking for a smaller version light so I can do the same. For now, I run a 1Up USA rack and they offer a light that attaches to...
  3. Looking for a unicorn phone mount. Any suggestions?

    I use the Bulletpoint but rotate the phone to landscape so it does not block my view.
  4. Alu-Cab Canopy Camper Roll Call

    I installed a Contour Canopy and am on the search for a travel trailer. It will suit our needs better.
  5. Alu-Cab Canopy Camper Roll Call

    they have a good lead or two, but it is still available.
  6. Alu-Cab Canopy Camper Roll Call

    Mine is for sale at Asheville Vehicle Outfitters now. You can see it in their website.
  7. Family of 3 in Gladiator rescued in California floodwaters...

    A snorkel would have saved the day. (Not really, same thing would have happened)
  8. Driveline issue...Jeep bouncing

    I had some bouncing on my Mojave after a 3” lift AluCab canopy Camper install. Installing Fox 2.5 adjustable shocks and Dobinsons HD coils fixed it 95% of the time. It took a while to get the shocks dialed in. I tried the valves all open, all closed, half way, one open and one closed. Finally...
  9. Alu-Cab Canopy Camper Roll Call

    If you do not want to seal it and deal with the dust and water getting in, it should not be too hard to switch them.
  10. VR Evo 10s Wire Reroute - Should I? (DONE)

    I wish I had seen that last week. I replaced the winch on my wife’s JLR and then I installed the Amfib snorkel. I did not know I was supposed to remove the grill for the snorkel install. I was able to work it out without removing it completely, but this would have made it easier. The cables do...
  11. Alu-Cab Canopy Camper Roll Call

    My shop installed SS bolts, so they did not do that in almost two years.
  12. Warn power interrupt kit - switch question

    My winch interrupt kit has been sitting in the box for 18 months. I really need to install it. I have the aux switches but will probably use the Warn rocker switch in the cab so I can keep the aux switches available for more unnecessary lights.
  13. Knock-off Amfib Snorkel

    I installed the Amfib on my wife’s JLR on Saturday, it would not fit well with the Genesis. I guess she gets to keep the OEM dual battery setup.
  14. Camper buildouts - lets see them!

    There are a lot of ACCC specific things, but there are also a lot of great ideas there that can apply to any camper, any bed length. I have a Contour Canopy on my JT now and am doing a much simpler build as we plan to buy a trailer.
  15. Camper buildouts - lets see them!

    It is made by Expedition Essentials for the Cook Partners Stove. Best thing ever.
  16. Rubicon Lockers Sensor Gone Bad. Repair or Replace

    https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/locker-position-sensor-potting-dana-44.59581/ start at the first page. Everything you need to know.
  17. Camper buildouts - lets see them!

    Yes, but it is currently for sale at Asheville Vehicles Outfitters.
  18. Camper buildouts - lets see them!

    You should look at the AluCab canopy camper roll call thread.
  19. Rubicon Lockers Sensor Gone Bad. Repair or Replace

    I am out of warranty so I installed the Z automotive harness, worked like a charm. I bought an extra to have on hand for my wife’s JLR. When (if) I have time I will pott the sensors.
  20. So the wife wants a 2 door...

    If it is not a requirement to be able to haul the kid around easily, then go for it. Drive the gladiator when you have the kid along.