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  1. Installing new front bumper on Overland

    Howdy all, in my continuing effort to piss away all my disposable income, I've purchased a Rock Rage front bumper for my Overland. How tough of a task is it to remove the existing plastic bumper and replace with the new, including swapping out the OEM fog lights? From doing some web research...
  2. How it started...and how it's going. Post yours!

    December 2020: December 2022:
  3. Tube bumper - shackles/hooks?

    Been thinking about giving the JT a 70's look with the white wagon wheels, the old school Jeep tailgate logo, and maybe a tube bumper. Any ideas on where to install shackles/hooks up there, I know the bumper isn't strong enough for that.
  4. White wheels/black Jeep? Thoughts?

    Happened across a "Scrambler mod" thread and reminded me how much I like the old school white wheels. Been thinking about upgrading from my stock Overland rims when I need new tires in a year or so - any thoughts on pairing the old school white wheels with a black JT? IMHO they look great with...
  5. Tire question that I'm sure has been answered...

    But asking anyways. Anybody know the biggest 17" wheel and tire combination you can put on an Overland without lifting?
  6. MPG question

    I've got an Overland EcoDiesel, currently running the stock Overland wheels with Falken Wildpeak ATs, 275/65/18. No lift or other mods. Getting about 25mpg, daily driving about 50 miles on interstate. When these go, thinking about getting the AEV 2" spacer kit and going up to 35s. Anybody have...
  7. Anybody heard anything about this?

    Killing time on Quadratec site and this popped up... Rugged Ridge Voyager Soft Top
  8. Trail Rail Storage

    Anybody know of any storage cases/boxes/bags that fit the Trail Rails? Been looking around and haven't seen anything, but wondering if someone out there knows something I don't. Something to store cargo straps, hitch, etc.
  9. Fog light bulb replacement video?

    Howdy, I remember seeing a link to a video showing how to replace the bulbs in the fog lights. I've looked all over for it, anybody know where it might be? Web searches don't really seem to be helpful. TIA.
  10. Hardtop "headliner" ?

    Anybody know if the "headliner" for the hardtop (covers the bolts below the rear window) is available anywhere? When I search, all I find are the liners for the top (like Hotheads). TIA.
  11. Use the Bestop Sun Bikini with the Sunrider installed?

    Howdy, does anybody know if you can use the Bestop Sun Bikini with the Sunrider installed? This is the model I'm talking about below. Thanks in advance. https://www.bestop.com/products/sun-extended-safari-style-bikini-top-jeep-2020-2021-gladiator/
  12. Florida Sold: Stock non-locking storage bin - (almost) free to good home

    Replaced the stock rear underseat storage bin (non-locking) with the 813 Fab molle bin today (great product). Not sure anyone would want the old one, but if so, and you live in the Orlando area, it's yours for, let's say, a six pack of one of Cigar City Brewing's fine products (call that my...
  13. Mopar grab handles compatible with Sunrider top?

    Anybody know if the bolt on grab handles (like these Mopar handle) are compatible with the Sunrider top? TIA.
  14. Sunrider question

    Just installed my Sunrider that I picked up here in the Marketplace, quick question, do you guys always use the velcro straps on the highway? The install sheet said "optional," but seems like the smart thing to do is use them.
  15. Florida Sold: OEM Mopar side steps

    Original Mopar side steps, removed from 2021 Overland with about 2700 miles, in great shape. Looks like these are listing new for about $525. Looking for $300 for the pair with the hardware (minus 1 of the vertical bolts, it's disappeared somehow). Willing to drive to deliver within reason.
  16. N-Fab sale at Realtruck

    Realtruck has a good sale on some N-Fab stuff. 15% plus $50 rebate. Picked these up today, with rebate they'll be just over $250 tax tag & title. N-Fab nerf bars Pretty much all have the rebate, a few others on sale as well.
  17. New shoes for the Overland!

    Got new rubber installed on the Overland this morning. Went with the advice of several others, went with 275/65 18s to keep overall tire height the same. Know a guy who knows a guy who got me a great deal on new Falken Wildpeak AT3Ws, about $150 each, plus $120 to switch 'em out. Really improved...
  18. Florida PRICE REDUCED! 4 stock Overland Tires - Dueler H/T 685 - 255/70R18

    Looks like these will be available within 7 days, getting new Falken Wildpeaks. Less than 2500 miles, great shape. Willing to drive around 100 miles or so to meet and deliver (I'm in Orlando area). Looking for $350.
  19. Trail Rails/Bedliner Question

    Howdy, my Overland didn't come with Trail Rails or bedliner, and I'm planning on adding both. Local dealer has the Trail Rails for just over $300, and probably going to go with a Bullet or LineX spray in liner. After reading several other posts about the pre-threaded holes and the liner filling...
  20. UnderCover SwingCase question

    Anybody know if the SwingCase works with the Trail Rail system? I've tried to ask UnderCover twice via their website chat, but I didn't receive an answer either time - just showed as "read," then got deleted a couple of minutes later for "inactivity." Pretty weak. Thanks in advance.