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  1. Which Gladiator is the better buy?

    I have an Overland and a Willys. I've lifted and upgraded both for more capable off roading. The Overland is my wife's, the Willys is mine. I absolutely love my Willys but the one regret Ive ever had was its not a Rubicon. If you want the Rubicon and don't get it you will wish you had. I'm...
  2. Gladiator round 2

    I've learned to really love crow!! I eat it often.
  3. FAD, Keep It Or Delete It?

    You never know what you might want to tackle as you're headed down the road. Gotta be ready!!
  4. FAD, Keep It Or Delete It?

    That will definitely beef it up. I'm considering that as well although as previously stated, I don't wheel it that hard.
  5. FAD, Keep It Or Delete It?

    Glad I could help out. 🤣
  6. FAD, Keep It Or Delete It?

    Yeah the u-joints need to be gone. I WILL end up breaking one.
  7. FAD, Keep It Or Delete It?

    Oh yeah, the money pit has me behaving badly. Lol. Already ordered Rock Jock tie rod, and drag bar. Looking at Ried knuckles and RCV shafts. They're coming next. I already have a Core 4x4 track bar installed.
  8. FAD, Keep It Or Delete It?

    I have 35's. But I just bought a set of Rubicon axles with 5.13 gears. I'm just wanting to build them up a little before I install them. With the 5.13's I can easily go up to 37's if I want but I wouldn't ever go bigger than that.
  9. FAD, Keep It Or Delete It?

    Good to know. Thanks for letting me know that.
  10. FAD, Keep It Or Delete It?

    Great replies and much thanks. Y'all have opened my eyes and changed the direction I was leaning. I don't wheel this truck hard core, and 95% of its life is on the road so i dont want to deal with driveline vibration. I will keep the FAD when I upgrade to the RCV shafts. If it ain't broke don't...
  11. FAD, Keep It Or Delete It?

    Agree!! My thoughts exactly.
  12. FAD, Keep It Or Delete It?

    As the title says, what are the pro's and con's? Now is the time before I install my D44's.
  13. Transmission stuck in neutral going from 4h back to 2w

    Did you shift your transmission to neutral before shifting the T-case to 4H?
  14. I Scored Some Semi Built Axles

    Got it, thanks. I was considering new hardware anyway so this convinces me to do that. Lol
  15. I Scored Some Semi Built Axles

    Yes you are correct. One will only pay what is acceptable to that individual. And yes I'm ok with the price. I figured if I changed my current axles to be like these I would be in for around $4000. That's if I could even get the parts that are backordered for who knows how long.
  16. I Scored Some Semi Built Axles

    I thought about that before I bought them (being longer) and can't think of anything that would be different. The drag link and tie rod are both adjustable and I already have an adjustable track bar. Unless you know something I can't think of, what else would I need to get to make it work...
  17. I Scored Some Semi Built Axles

    Thanks. I'm pretty stoked about it.
  18. I Scored Some Semi Built Axles

    I don't mind although I'm sure someone will let me know how bad I got screwed. I paid $5500 for the pair. It included both drive shafts and all 4 calipers.
  19. I Scored Some Semi Built Axles

    A couple weeks back I was conversing with the group here about lockers and my need/want to have some. Well I found some. Turns out I ran across a deal (I think) on some Rubicon take off axles. 19000 miles on the pair and 5000 miles on the 5.13 Spicer gears that are in them. These were built by...
  20. A New EV JT Rubicon In The Family

    Oh, no seals and dry lube. FCA finally released the fix!! 😆 it is literally a steel rod the wheels rotate around. As long as the cam doesn't eat itself, the trans doesn't crap out, the windshield doesn't crack, the paint doesn't come off the door hinges, the batteries don't die, and the...