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  1. FCA US Reports Q4 and 2022 Full-Year Sales Results For Jeep Gladiator

    Definitely i legit know 6 people who have bought hellcats and demons just because of the "last year of the v8" trend
  2. How long did your windshield last before cracking?

    I don't want to say because as soon as I do, Mine will crack.
  3. Mis-matched lighting

    The safety package gives you rear LED lights only. And if you don't the LED Package, then you're stuck with halogens up front. That's how you end up mismatch.
  4. RPMs limited in 4L reverse?

    This thread is like a tele-novela
  5. Thank you Veterans!

    My now wife and I. Fly off day for the jets. 2018 deployment. Deployment soon to be over. We're both still in.
  6. Rolled Jeep today, but everyone is safe! Repair or total loss?

    Idk man. If you guys saw the video of the rolled gladiator driving itself out on Matt's Offroad Recovery video. It'd have you second guessing everything.
  7. Remote start doesn't work.

    Are you low on gas? There's a gas cut off. Just thought I'd ask
  8. New secret 2023 model unveiled

    Why are you so angry?
  9. New secret 2023 model unveiled

    Sorry for anyone who got baited. Couldn't help myself.
  10. What Reduction To Payload Does Each Option Cause?

    You should've known you were in the wrong when you said 750 pounds of tongue weight. On a gladiator. Sheesh. Lol.
  11. Pay to update navigation?

    If you guys aren't using Waze, then you should. I don't drive off until Waze has started.
  12. Long Gun Storage

    I put mine under the seat. But it barely fits. Scar 17. So idk if that's a good reference for you.
  13. Prevent interior power while camping?

    Why don't you just run your vehicle for 5 minutes? Get a mobile jump starter from like advanced auto parts or something?
  14. Pinstripes here they come

    I love meguiars. Usually use their compound and then wax to get small scratches
  15. Bluetooth Speaker Alternative???

    Just get a JBL Charge 3 or 4. And never use that thing ever again. Save yourself money and get better quality music. Beat small Bluetooth speaker on the market.
  16. Falcon SP2 3.3 shock setting for the beach?

    Soften them. But it's just the beach man. I wouldn't even bother getting out and adjusting them. I go to OBX often and just drive up. I don't change anything else.
  17. Who got you into Jeeps and why did it stick??

    Got one of these in 1999. Stuck cause my step-dad took me to a spring break in Daytona one time in 2002? And the amount of lady parts I saw in jeeps all over the beach from pretty women. Hmm. It all made sense to my 9 year old brain.
  18. Whats this light

    Damn you get 23.7 mpg?!
  19. Mastertop Bimini Top - A very disappointing experience

    Damn. Sorry to hear. Mines awesome