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  1. New steering damper made death wobble worse

    Have you contacted your dealer? There is a Tech bulletin calling for an upgrade.
  2. Thinking of getting a Gladiator. Sport or Mojave?

    Another Point to consider is current incentives. Listed at https://www.jeep.com/incentives.gladiator.2022.html#/model/CUJ202211
  3. Jeep Comanche ?

    The Picture was a Concept Jeep shown at the Easter Jeep Safari years ago.. Do not understand why the Admin had an issue.
  4. Thinking of getting a Gladiator. Sport or Mojave?

    You noted Towing,, what is the weight and check the specs on each.. Max Tow =Yes.. Mojave, as you have read above, is reported to have the best hwy ride of all the JLsJTs.. I agree.. What Upgrades and use beyond tow do you plan or do? In the end.. It's your $$ GWYW ..(get what you want).
  5. Last Jeep Wave oil change... Thankfully!

    . I was friends with the tech (who was a great tech as it was, worked on race cars, etc).... I would drive to the dealership, check in for the oil change, the tech would drive the car around the back, pop the trunk put the oil bottles and oil fitler in the trunk and drive it back around the...
  6. Gladiator Off-road Capability

    Have not really off roaded .. not into the Rock Crawl thing; that's mostly what is at the OVH parks here. It was great on a 5.500 mile trip to the Grand Canyon last summer.. Here is a good series on the Mojave on uTube: https://www.youtube.com/@FarFromOrdinary
  7. URGENT dealer wants to charge me $145 for "recalibration to new tire size"

    Not a Lie,, the factory charges dealers for the program, per VIN, it was $125 previously per the service mgr, a very good friend of mine at the dealership that works on all mine.
  8. Going Digital on Toe Settings

    An En "light" ening Thread - Lunentucker and Shadow love the info.. Cool Tool ! However, Guess I'm just too "Old Skool" to invest in that one.
  9. Hardtop Headliner Opinions Needed

    I used MOPAR.. NO issues, good fit, does what I expected.. They all do the same.. so "it's your money, get what you want".
  10. Gas Prices Are Still Dropping With No Signs Of Stopping.

    Obviously you aren't looking at Pennsylvania.. Friday Up to 3.79 regular AND the state tax is now $0.61 per gal on Gasoline.. Diesel higher..
  11. General grabber ATX tire pressure

    Currently running Toyo 35.12.50s on 9" width wheels at 27 based on the Chalk test.. No problems.
  12. What did you HAUL in your JT today?

    Golf clubs to the Driving Range.. Fog early and Rain mid afternoon. Courses closed.
  13. Where I can purchase a replacement door panel armrest?

    Wow, hungry Pup.. My 1st would be salvage yards in your area.. I was successful years ago on a black tailgate for our JKU with a yard in New Brunswick.
  14. Spark Plug Resistance - Enough to Matter or BS?

    I gotta jump in.. 32 yrs with OEM Factory Field org and this was not broached.. IMO the design engineers would be a group that would interested in this in developing the ignition systems.. FWIT..From real world - Use the OEM original installed Brand of spark plugs.
  15. Motor oil and filter recommendations for EcoDiesel JT?

    WHAT THE OWNERS MANUAL SPECIFIES.. Why do you think anyone not the engineers that built, tested, and approved an oil would be better?
  16. Jeep Comanche ?

    From Motor Biscuit
  17. What combination of mods have you installed on your 3.6?

    HI, Not sure about off-road plus= don't know about it.. I can attest that on City at 75% hit the go pedal and it barks the tires in less than 1 second.. pulls much harder thru 3 gears and feels much quicker.. I'm good with it.. I am looking at a Livernois motorsports ECM Tune upgrade.. Search...

  19. Is this why the Gladiator prices are dropping?

    Interesting; MSRP $ not dropping, Transaction $ probably .. cause and effect = Fed Interest rate increases cause vehicle interest rates to increase and so go the monthly payments UP.. Supply improving, Dealer inventories increasing, AND Days on the lot is going up which results in dealerships...