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  1. New Touchscreen Linkwells Gen5

    It’s not that bad . Looks nice . my concerns about those things are 1) the reactivity and interrsctivity 2) difference of material quality and aspect with the rest of the dashboard 3) and last but not least … the panel with physical commands lost . Tbh JEEP made a great job with the...
  2. time to think about re gearing

    Thanks for the video . It’s interesting. Those real world test are really helpful . finally decided to go for the 5.13 . We will see how it works . No the more annoying thing gonna be the wait 😂😂😂😂 I collected almost everything I ordered , lift is arrived , skid plate and armor are there too...
  3. time to think about re gearing

    Got a message from them . Both the Rusty's Special with Motive Gear and the Yukon gears are quality products. We have seen a few recent reviews regarding the Yukon gears being noisier but there are only a few. We stock and sell the Motive Gears and they perform very well
  4. downsizing wheels

    my guess would be to go fo less agressives tires . same soze but more road oriented maybe it could help
  5. Summer 2023 road trip prep's

    yes its something incredible about middle east ... i will focus on this part because as european , ive already been in each EU countries sometimes more than once. after falling in love with USA at the fisrt sight when i had 18 i felt in love with Africa so deep and since i gave a try to middle...
  6. Summer 2023 road trip prep's

    for the 1911 its been a while that i thought trying to fing a way to fix an holster on the sportbar's top between the speakers. im always with the spfttop they seems to have plenty of room for a 1911 commander and i bet its somewhere nobody will go check if i have a control.
  7. Summer 2023 road trip prep's

    but you guys lives in a country where an epic road trip can be imagined and done every weekend ;-) i didnt go for their six packs . i followed John's advices from Accutune and decided to go for a set of Fox 2.5 performance elite.
  8. Summer 2023 road trip prep's

    gps i didnt thought about that... thanks i will check about it. for the rest its mandatory here to have it in the car and they checked it every year during the tech ispection.
  9. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Honestly today I was a bit lazy … Pick up my new wheels this morning … Planned to install Teraflex rear trackbar relocation bracket ( awesome part btw) and front and rear Metalcloack trackbar … but except unboxing a wheel to check how it could look … did nothing 😂 Now I can’t wait to have the...
  10. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    wow those fox looks beefy compare to the stock ... even compared to the Mopar lift ... can't wait to receive mine from Accutune ... how's the feeling ?
  11. Summer 2023 road trip prep's

    hello guys, I'm at this point where I'm that close to have don to build my gladiator project .... yes yes yes I'm done ... ( note for later .... remove every links of third parts builder on my internet browser , cancel 4G data plan and go back to a DLSR camera and a Nokia 3310 sure it will...
  12. hood decal

    i like it ... specially the way it makes pop up the curves
  13. time to think about re gearing

    yep i guess you right ... the shop here works with yukon and even if im sure they are great .. the most bothering who could happens is the noisy thing. now that said i have to ask them if thy agree to install a brand with who they dont work usually.... here its a whole different story :-)
  14. time to think about re gearing

    hello again guys ... what about Rusty's? read a lot of positive comments about those guys... since dana spicer is really hard to have what about Rusty's gear?
  15. My Do-It-All Gladiator

    Wow very nice rig.... and OMG your cabin is absolutely lovely
  16. Was this your JT from Texas?

    he congratulations... thats a good start. super nice color and amazing wheels.
  17. ‘22 Black High Altitude Ecodiesel w/ 37s, gold wheels

    looks so shinny ... unusual and probably not everyone's taste but looks good.
  18. ‘22 Black High Altitude Ecodiesel w/ 37s, gold wheels

    your wheels are so nice. what's your setup?
  19. Black rhino without pokes

    😂😂😂😂 will be easy for you to get them. For me to find those in Europe Omg gonna be epic as usual