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  1. OVRLND Camper roll call

    For the few so far to look at different options. Completely custom how you want it built.
  2. 80/20 and your camper build.

    Basic question is where are you getting it? What's your setup? How much did it cost you?
  3. OK4WD

    Does anyone have any experience with these guys? Seems they've been around for sometime. https://ok4wd.com/?utm_campaign=gmb
  4. Factory headliner issues ughh!

    For all the owners with a factory headliner. Has it fallen out? Dropped down? Dropped? If so. How did you fix it? What did you use?
  5. Alright who owns it?

    Gotta be someone here! Could swear I've seen these plates on this forum somewhere.
  6. Awning setup's please with pictures

    What's your awning setup? Brand, pros and cons, can't decide. Opinions please. Thinking about an OVS 270
  7. Need some schooling on this compressor

    So I have an opportunity to purchase this for a lot less than from a dealer or store. Box says it's 12vdc compressor says 24vdc. Will it work for either 12 or 24?
  8. Onboard hydrogen generator

    Does it work? Can it be done without affecting emissions? Would it void warranty? Has anyone tried, thought about it. Know anyone who did?
  9. 392 springs and shocks

    Just got off the phone with WFO Concepts. Was talking to them about lift kits. AEV vs Clayton vs Rock Krawler. He said go Mopar to my surprise. Then he suggested 392 springs and shocks. Has anyone done this? Sport S Ecodiesel
  10. Fire extinguisher manifold for on board air?

    Each one of these holds about 2/3 of a gallon of water. Tested at 390 psi according to the plate on it. Does anyone have any thoughts? Worth the time? Just want a smallish air tank.
  11. Fix it myself or take it to the dealer?

    Went on a little jaunt up in the mountains Sunday. Heard a clunking somewhere between where I was and where I was going. Didn't make the sound driving down the road. Got home from work just now figured I'd look around. I think I found my issue. Missing a nut on I believe it's the sway bar...
  12. Warn winch purchase!

    Found this on FB marketplace. 500$ figured. F it. They are from what I've seen is close to 700$ depending on seller. Also I'm sure the retail market is pretty vacant of winches too. Good buy?
  13. Have you heard of this? Anyone with a 2" Mopar lift.

    So I was told by the dealer today that the Mopar 2" lift kit is considered a performance part. Hence they said it was eligible for an additional Mopar warranty. 500 dollars more. Anybody been told that or heard of it? I would figure if it's dealer installed and it's a factory part it already...
  14. WTF this just happened!

    Started diesel. Drove down the street. Diesel died. Any idea what oil pressure a diesel is supposed to run at. When I tried to restart. The oil pressure read nothing. 4500ish miles :swear::swear::swear::angry:
  15. How long did it take for you to find these?

    Obviously I just found them the other day. But hell how many people actually drive with their hands at 3&9 on the wheel? Got my Glady 3/30 took me this long.
  16. Northern Nevada Gladiators

    Interested in finding local Northern Nevada Gladys for overlanding and build ideas.
  17. Anyone use this button?

    Book says it's only available in 4Lo. So what's it's purpose? What's it do?
  18. 20% off @Sportsmans Warehouse

    Goal zero at Sportsman's warehouse is having a sale. 20% off excluding not in stock https://www.sportsmans.com/goal-zero/c/cat118111
  19. Jacking points on JT for Hi Lift jack?

    Saw a couple of posts in old threads that asked the same question. No definitive answer. So does anybody have any solid answer? Its a Sport S EcoDiesel. Stock bumpers. I did get a set of Rubi take off rock rails. Are they strong enough for lift points? Real world use and pictures would be helpful.