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  1. Jeep "competitor" talks tech about their new 2.7 Turbo powerplant.

    Video moved to Gladiator Versus thread. A more appropriate thread for this. Moderator/Administrator please delete this thread. Thank you.
  2. Time for new tires .

    I would go with the 265/70R17 size you are leaning towards. BFG has them in both load range C and load range D. Depending how heavy your boat is will determine if you need the heavier of the two. I chose the KO2's and am very happy with them! ;) BFGOODRICH® ALL-TERRAIN T/A® KO2 265/70R17 112S...
  3. Dealer didn’t put oil in after changing filter?

    A nice thought. However, for the $100 bucks saved for the three free oil changes, to me it's not worth it. More piece of mind knowing that an inexperienced person did not have their hands on my JT. And if I screw something up, it's on me! :like:
  4. First Jeep in 30 years, is this a good deal?

    This. Hang on to as much of that $$ as you can.
  5. Threedom door / hood hinge coves

    Just waiting on these to come in body colors to jump in! They look great!
  6. First Jeep in 30 years, is this a good deal?

    In my opinion, those numbers are not good enough. At that price point, the JTM should be 5K lower than MSRP plus any incentives. As others have stated, you can order a Glad from one of the handful of out-of-state dealers that are mentioned on this forum for way under invoice. Your trade is...
  7. downsizing wheels

    I just hit 15.0 mpg yesterday after months of mid 14's. I am thrilled!
  8. New Chevy Blazer RS? wow

    This generation was introduced in 2019.
  9. First real trip in the new Gladiator vs 2500 Ram

    The Ram 2500 is a 3/4 ton truck with heavier duty suspension and to this day still based on the previous generation of Rams. I can relate to the similarities in ride and cab noise to the Mojave. Coming from a new gen 1500 DT (new in 2019) Laramie to my JTM was a different world in ride and...
  10. downsizing wheels

    Or you could get into a new '23 Sport with the 3.73 gears and tires that you desire (with some options) for just over 40K. If you have a nice low mileage Mojave, it could be close to an even trade. 2023 Jeep Gladiator for sale in Los Angeles, CA serving Glendale, Burbank & Pasadena, CA...
  11. Saltillo Celebrates 6,000,000th Pentastar Engine Produced There

    It’s been thirteen years since production began of the award-winning Pentastar V6 engine at the Stellantis Saltillo South Engine Plant in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. The Mexican engine plant currently builds Pentastar engines for 11 different Chrysler Group products. But in recent days, the...
  12. 2024 Gladiator 4xe Supposedly

    That video made me kind of sleepy.
  13. The Jeep Gladiator IS a CAR!!

    According to the state of Wisconsin, my JT is considered and licensed as a class C truck (same as the Ram 1500 I traded on it). Still scratching my head on that one. As far as station wagons, the only vehicle I think of today is a Subaru Outback.
  14. Gladiator 2020 Towing 6500 pound RV trailer?

    Three words describe my answer to that question... Not a Chance.
  15. Frame bent: New Chevy Colorado ZR2 broken like a pencil ✏️

    I was mainly relating the JT suspension design and handling similarities (live front axle) to that '85 Silverado. Otherwise, that old Chevy rode like a lumber wagon! Really, the JT does many things well. And yes, opinions are subjective. Every driver expects different things from their truck...
  16. Frame bent: New Chevy Colorado ZR2 broken like a pencil ✏️

    I don't know what other vehicles you have experienced to compare with your JT. For me it is definitely not the most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. Not by a long shot. But the JT is not designed to be that. In fact, the handling most resembles the 1985 Silverado 4x4 I bought new back...
  17. 2021 Gladiator bed RUST!!!! Warranty Work Denied @JeepCares case # 85358918

    It's not surprising that Jeep denies claims like this. In their minds, this is just one of hundreds of available aftermarket mods that may compromise the integrity of the intended factory design. I am certain it happens every day and is quite common. Can't take it too personal.
  18. Frame bent: New Chevy Colorado ZR2 broken like a pencil ✏️

    It will be interesting how new offerings from the competition affect the future of the JT. Very solid demand and pre-sales already with the 2023 "twins" (Colorado/Canyon) and all new 2024 Ranger and Tacoma coming soon are also generating lots of attention. We'll see.