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  1. Custom bed dent - need help

    A tow strap got caught under my wheel and when I backed up it tightened and left a folded dent in the bed. What’s the easiest way to get behind the outer panel to pop this out? Thanks in advance!
  2. Single digit temps and check engine lights

    2022 Gladiator EcoDiesel - approximately 2700 miles - North Texas - ran (still runs) perfect but had a time starting this morning in 9* weather with a wind chill in the negative teens. To level set, I have the cold weather package, had the block heater plugged in overnight, have fuel treatment...
  3. What’s connected to your AUX switches?

    I’m admittedly stingy when committing anything to my aux switches and try to maximize the power each has available to them. I’ll be wiring four 4” cube spot lights (rated for 12A total) mounted to the cowl to one of the 15A switches this weekend. I might wire up two more on the bumper but I’d...
  4. $1000 to spend - what to buy

    2022 Overland Diesel $1000 is burning a hole in my pocket to spend on Jeep goodies and am at a loss. I’ve got all the standard kit - front winch bumper, winch, recovery gear, Rubicon sliders, lights (LED’s, ditch, spot), emergency gear, mobile HAM radio and tools. I’m passively interested in...
  5. Badlands Apex 12k winch

    This winch is a bad mutha… I got it mounted up to my Schrockworks bumper and 1/4” plate steel winch plate. I tensioned the synthetic rope and when snugging up the hook against the fairlead the plate flexed and I could visibly see the winch rock forward an eighth of an inch. Of course, I’m...
  6. Texas Sold: Rubicon steel bumper and skid plate

    Selling my Rubicon hard rock steel bumper with extensions and skid plate. Comes with fog light adapters and red Rubicon hawse fairlead. The hoop is not included. Located in McKinney, Tx and will not ship due to the weight. Asking $400
  7. Texas Sold: JW Speaker 6145 J2 Series Fog Lights

    Selling one pair of JW Speaker 6145 J2 Series fog lights in excellent condition. These are the same temperature as the factory LED headlights and are very bright. The mounting tabs are the same as the factory LED lights - no adapter needed. These retail for over $300 - selling for $200...
  8. Texas Sold: Trade premium soft top for hard top

    Looking to trade my premium soft top for your hard top. My top is brand new. I’m in McKinney / Prosper area and can work out the details if you’re interested.