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  1. New Tennessee License Plate Coming Soon

    And I hear Louisiana might have the same one
  2. New Tennessee License Plate Coming Soon

    I came here expecting a scenic rivers license plate........ with goal post!!!!! 😂
  3. What winter kit do you keep?

    I live in Ohio, and we get winter storms. I grew up much more rural and we always kept a small winter kit, blankets, shovel, etc. I've never needed them, in a stranded situation but the stuff has been helpful in other situations: I carry blankets, shovel, ice scraper, flashlight, water...
  4. Lets see all those Gladiators with lifts and bigger tires!

    On my Willys-I went very mild but like it... it's a daily driver for me, I've put a 1.5" terraflex spacer (leveling kit) on the front and 3/4" daystar spacer on rear, the. 33" cooper discovery st maxx so it's about 2" higher between both. 3/4" rake. Looks stock but a little taller, wheels...
  5. Cheapie Home Depot trailers

    My.02: Salt/snow is rough on powder coated trailers. It gets under it and there's no stopping it. That said you should get 5 or mor years with moderate care I got one to the 10 year mark but wire wheeled it 2x and repainted... I just got a galvanized trailer from lowes 5x10 (made in...
  6. Who on here is from Ohio?

    Central Ohio, grew up in Northwest ohio, visit there an Northeast ohio often in our Red Willys JT and/or cooper brown jku! i think I've seen a few folks / JTs around from the forum.
  7. 1.5” TF level, 315/70/17 on factory wheels

    At 39 psi, looks like 31-1/2" full squish
  8. 1.5” TF level, 315/70/17 on factory wheels

    I like the Steelies too, but I'd like to see you pull off the retro hubs too!
  9. 1.5” TF level, 315/70/17 on factory wheels

    Funny....I was just measuring tonight... 1.5" terra flex level kit front and 3/4" daystar rear (keeps 3/4" rake) and now 255/80r17 on factory rims, no poke... (cooper discoverer, st maxx) Front is up 2" and back is 1-1/4" , exactly the measurements expected. 12" clearance at the cross...
  10. Bigger Tires on Stock Wheels

    Round 2: just had them put on 255/80r17 cooper st maxx. Ssssooooo much quieter! Wow! definitely pizza cutters, but I like it looks "factory" to me: note the gladiator is on a 1.5" front and 3/4" rear lift, the tires are about 33" diameter. the cooper tires have lasted a very long time on...
  11. So thats what they're for...

    I've been using a bungee, great find
  12. Gladiator take-offs ???’s

    I think the very marginal savings of keeping your sensors, is lost both in the removal , Re installation but then on your side of the deal. I read most of the above comments and Would myself consider picking up a set of Willy's take-offs so I watch threads.... and it's a thing that tires...
  13. Jeeps Parking Next To Jeeps

    Both of mine.... (one is claimed by my son). 😊
  14. What are people doing with the big blank dash area in front of the passenger?

    I posted a long time ago somewhere else... but I like my "Willy's" decal.
  15. Soft top questions

    Another nope- to rolling: a few spare old towels and in the back it lays (under a bed cover)
  16. Do I really need/want a bed cover?

    I have the "undercover flex" and I think it's a must for me, it holds open (holds up the last panel when folded) for bigger things, but when closed gives a big dry trunk. It also will hold weight, which I used a dry bag (car top style) for extra family luggage room just this last week. Great...
  17. Soft Top Rear Window - noticing a lot more play / movement

    Wouldn't hurt, start at the cab, front bottom corners.... check out some you tube videos. Some movement is normal, again with heat things will loosen up a bit as the fabric gets more flexible.
  18. Soft Top Rear Window - noticing a lot more play / movement

    Have to ask.... are you installing the bottom channel? I've done that on accident once, saw my window flapping and found I hadn't secured the bottom tab. if yes: heat will also loosen things up, too ; but I wound think it would be enough to be a problem.