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  1. Nevada Sold: 2020 Rockwood 1640 ESP Tent Trailer

    Extreme Sport edition of the Rockwood 1640 tent trailer. Excellent condition. Perfect for getting off the beaten path. Under 2,400 GVW so perfect for towing behind a Gladiator or Wrangler. This one includes dual batteries, dual propane tanks, power inverter for 120 volts, pre-wired for...
  2. My journey from a 5" to 7" Uconnect

    I have a JT Sport with the 5" Uconnect. A year or so ago I stuck a 7" in it. Worked fine but I was never satisfied with not having volume/tuning knobs or being able to mute the stupid when needed. So I put the 5" back in and sold the 7". Recently I decided to try again but this time upgrade...
  3. HF Badlands 12K Winch 25% off until the 2nd.

    Check your email. Coupon is 25% off on any one item good until the 2nd. It works on the winch. Makes it $487.49 + tax.
  4. Nevada Sold: Rubicon Wheels and Falken tires

    I have 4 Rubicon wheels and tires. These have just over 11,000 miles. Everything is in great shape. No rock or curb rash on the tires or wheels. No repairs of any kind on the tires. No cupping or unusual wear. Balanced great and smooth driving. Early (pre 6/21) TPMS sensors are included...
  5. What The?? Anyone have the story on this?

    Gladiator missing tires on the left side?
  6. Nevada WTB Steel wheels (spare tire)

    Gents, decided to go with steel wheels on my rig. I'm looking to gather some steel wheels of the type used for the spare. PN 04755290AA. Just need the wheels. Thanks!
  7. Nevada Sold: WTB Mopar 6BU43RXFAB Front Bumper Closeout Panel for Steel Bumper

    I put a Rubi steel bumper on my Gladiator Sport and still need the plastic trim panel that goes behind the bumper on the frame. They seem to be out of stock everywhere. These generally get thrown away when a winch is installed. Anyone have one laying around they are willing to sell? Thanks!
  8. Interesting! Mopar lift after a year (and a bumper)

    Interesting tidbit for those that wonder about these kind of things. Every lift I've ever installed settles slightly over time so no surprise here. I installed a Mopar lift on my Sport about a year ago and got 3.25" in front and 2.5" in back. This morning I was in the garage and decided to...
  9. HF Badlands 1200 winch on sale this weekend. $569.99

    Got the coupon via email. On sale until the 10th for $569.99.
  10. Nevada Sold: WTB Rubicon Steel Front Bumper

    Hi Folks. I'm starting the search for a 3-piece steel bumper in the Northern Nevada or CA area. I'm located near Reno but will drive a reasonable distance for pickup. Thought I found one but it was too far away. By the time I figured gas, room and food it just wasn't economically viable. Thanks!
  11. Oil UOA, M1 EP 0W-20 with 4,954 miles

    Just for grins here is the UOA from my Gladiator. 9.620 miles on the truck. 4,954 on the oil. Seems to be breaking in fine.
  12. Nevada Sold: 7" Uconnect with bezel, Sirius XM and unlock code. Now $400 SHIPPED

    Hi Folks, Selling a 7" Uconnect with bezel. Great shape and works fine. It has Sirius XM. I have the unlock code. Price is $450 SHIPPED via USPS Priority Mail. Holiday special. Reduced to $400 SHIPPED.
  13. Wix UOA on my Gladiator

    Attached is the WIX UOA on my Gladiator. I would have a Blackstone UOA to go with it but evidently that one got lost in the mail. I dumped the factory fill at just over 500 miles and put in Quaker State Ultimate Durability. Looks good for an engine still breaking in.
  14. Nevada Sold: WTB 7" Uconnect with SXM and bezel

    Hi Folks, I'm seriously considering upgrading to the 7" uconnect. Looking for one with SXM the bezel and of course the code. Thanks!
  15. Front axle u-joint problems??

    Well here's a new one. Less than 5,000 miles on my JT. Last couple of days I've noticed slight knocking from the front end that was related to vehicle speed. It was slowly getting worse and I could feel it in the steering wheel. I jacked up the front end and spun the wheels. Long story...
  16. Oil grade recommendation outside the US?

    Australian owners. I'm curious as to what grade oil is recommended for your Gladiators. I've had vehicles in the past where the factory recommendation for oil was very different between the US and outside the US. Thanks!
  17. Ram 3.0L Eco Diesel Tear Down

    Thought some might find this interesting. Guy does a tear down of a 14+ Dodge Ram 3.0L Eco Diesel engine. I suspect it is probably the same engine being put in the diesel Gladiator. I'll save my thoughts on this engine for later.
  18. My experience installing the Mopar 2" lift. Kind of long.

    Since getting my Sport a couple of months ago I've been agonizing on what to do with it. I do explore the NV desert so better tires and a mild lift were a requirement. I bought the max tow because of the wide HD axles with 4.10 gears, not because I needed the 7,650 tow rating. The most this...
  19. Removing the bed lights?

    Quick question. How do you remove the bed lights? Do they pop out? I'm taking my Gladiator in tomorrow morning for a spray in bed liner. I'd like to remove them before I take it in. Thanks!
  20. Nevada Sold: Rubicon Suspension

    I have decided not to use this suspension after all and ordered a Mopar kit. Complete suspension as shown. The seller I bought this from said the suspension had 6,500 miles. One of the rear shocks is a little stiffer than it's twin so priced accordingly. Located in Fallon. Local pickup but I...