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  1. Storage solutions

    Where do you store your pants? I usually keep mine locked behind the rear seat with my wallet, but I’m trying to work out an under hood mounting location. Maybe we can start a poll? I’m really hoping for 1/2 doors, because my legs do get cold when I have the doors off completely with these...
  2. California Uber Alles

    Searched the inter web, no other info than the order sheet. Anybody have more information on the “California edition”, order code 23T, 24T, and 26T on the November order guide?
  3. 2021 vs 2020

    On the Jeep.com website in model comparison 2 things not available for 2020 that are available for 2021: 1. Heavy duty 4wheel ABS with front FNC 2. Non locking fuel cap with discriminator There is no other reference to them for on the website, does anyone know what they are/have photo? Is the...
  4. sport with MAX tow

    base model sport showing up on JEEP site again with MAX tow option (now $1245), also trac-lok for both ratios seems to be available.
  5. vs American Bantam

    https://usabantam.com/#1526368496921-26889b00-20fb the new open air jeep competitor
  6. Tire chains

    When I bought my gladiator sport, I had to sign a declaration that I would void the warranty by using chains and was advised to use cables. Why would that be? Always have used chains on other vehicles and prefer over cables. This is with stock tires and steel wheels. The guy in finance, of...
  7. overlanders: solar panel

    Has anyone looked into these: https://www.cascadia4x4.com/collections/vehicle-specific-hood-solar-panel Pricey for 80W, but interesting use of space and aerodynamic.
  8. tow package increase?

    just received a build sheet today and the tow package is now $350 MSRP, but still is $250 on the jeep.com site. Appears the factory raised the price