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  1. Loctite vs never seize

    What the frush is never seize? anti-seize?
  2. Why does JT have poor throttle response?

    If that was the case.. the Mojave would have twice the response as a rubicon and that's just not reality. It's completely programable and jeep could have easily added different throttle response modes like many other manufactures.. 100% about getting 17-22 mpg.. Yet,...I have yet to see over...
  3. 37 BFGs Wont Balance

    Anything 33" & taller its common... I had a set of duratracs that sucked.., second set no issue.. It's just a bad tire or two, and happens all the time. The party who sourced/installed them will never voluntarily admit to this common issue.. cause they'd be loosing money if they re-ordered...
  4. 1st oil change, dealer offers 3 different oils!!

    1sr oil change, the Chrysler dealer advertises 3 different oils on there website. Syn blend, Full syn. & Premium Synthetic.. Do I thrust this dealer to use Mopar oil when changing my oil and what's mopars default? Ugg
  5. Pizza Cutters - 35X10R17 Skinny Tires installed

    Oh Good I was afraid My rig would look like yours if I ran those! whew ; )
  6. Pizza Cutters - 35X10R17 Skinny Tires installed

    Are you running a lift?
  7. Rare colors

    They all look like Nissans with a cab on them unfortunately
  8. Rare colors

    Somethings wrong with your camera cause the Jeep HV & Nacho colors already ready look like the sun faded them one side from normal out the gate.. I hope in 12 years they don't fade anymore
  9. JeePS - Offline Trail Carputer

    Awesome! I'll buy it when it fits on a tablet and you have the continental us done! There's so ,any map apps, and everyone of them are confusing..
  10. Ball Joint Delete

    Dumbest freaking thing I have ever seen.. American iron adapted an off the shelf uni-ball with long bolts maybe some weird adapter and marketed it for the gladiator.. and are making a profit off unknowing folks.. idiotic.. 1. Uni-balls completely unnecessary for 99% of jeep owners.. solid axles...
  11. Powertrain Limited Warranty Gas Engine – 5 years/60,000 miles

    I don't have the issue was just curious..
  12. Powertrain Limited Warranty Gas Engine – 5 years/60,000 miles

    HI All can anyone tell me if the lifter issue is covered under this 60,000 mile warranty? Wonder iffy 2023 has more coverage than others @ 36,000 miles? Basic Limited Warranty Coverage 3 years/36,000 miles Specified Components 1 year/12,000 miles Federal Emission Warranty 2 years/24,000...
  13. JT v. Taco: Which is objectively built better? 2021 Gladiator vs 2021 Tacoma comparison review by owner

    But Burritos explode when you're not expecting.. and then it's off to the toilet..walking..rather rolling funny
  14. Bed / Cab gap.. ?

    what's your gap like.. and what's the non functioning weather strip for? I have excessive gap.. I can easily toss a hot dog in between the cab and bed..
  15. LOL…are you kidding me !?!?!?!?!?

    I bet you're sitting on the floor in that thing just like the old ones.. or any Taco, and that's a deal breaker!! 100%
  16. Jimny versus Gladiator?

    The samurai had dana 44's I doubt this does.. or maybe I'm thinking of the Raider which was equally as cool
  17. Pic Request!!! Closeup of "built in 2023" 2023 Gladiator hardtop rear window perimeter

    That's not how any year gladiators back window looks... not even the right size glass..
  18. Which Gladiator is the better buy?

    Which ever one your kid can afford payments, gas, and insurance on.... dear god
  19. Jimny versus Gladiator?

    I prolly would have bought it! for it's simplicity.. btw anyone else thinking that Doug DeMuro is ripping lines before a review? Wonder if he takes a pause in between takes for a bump..me-up? At 15:10 there's dead bears dancing on this thing.. that answered all my questions.
  20. Bak Revolver X4S

    Yakima HD towers with some mods.. then 2 85lb each 12ft pedal kayaks for a cross country road trip.. if it will handle it..