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  1. When brake lines needed and bleeding process

    If you need there are a few brands being sold out there by Northridge, 4 Wheel Parts and a few others. Just a matter of how high you plan to lift, since it is not just the lift you are considering but how far your wheels and axle are going to drop when in the air.
  2. When brake lines needed and bleeding process

    I believe a 2 or 2 1/2 inch lift will be your max lift before needing to have longer hoses and possibly extensions for your ABS and lockers while still using stock mounting points. But an easy way to check would be to disconnect the sway bar and jack from the frame and see if you still have any...
  3. Griding/Scratching Coming to a stop

    Definitely sounds like a rock or backing plate on the inside pad rubbing
  4. Aux Battery Brand?

    I replaced mine with a Napa. Has been trouble free now for 8 months and has double the cranking amps of the stock Mopar.
  5. Pelican BX135 Cargo Case

    Even though it was expensive and does take up a little over a third of the bed space I love that I can leave in the bed and not worry about it using their cargo system to keep it locked in. Also it is great to know I have all my recovery, floor jack and compressor in one spot
  6. [CLOSED] WINNER ANNOUNCED: DIY Windshield Protection Film Giveaway -- ExoShield ULTRA

    No replacement yet but have had 2 repairs done and in the right light you can see a lot of pitting.
  7. Totally screwed: Installed new Auxiliary Battery and now truck won’t start with multiple errors

    I had a similar problem after replacing my main battery. I was very careful about arcing anything so I know that was not the problem, what we did find using the dealership tester that one cell was shorted and even though showed 12.6 volts had 0 cranking amps ( never saw this before)and the mega...
  8. Belly pan skids, Metalcloak or RockHard?

    Thanks I will be following since I’m also deciding between these two. I have both Rockhard and Metalcloak products on my Gladiator and think they both offer great products. I think it will come down to which will offer the easiest install and removal when time comes to service the transfer and...
  9. Tools and tool boxes - let's see em

    Ran out of room in the under-seat storage so broke down and went with this for my recovery, compressor and jack.
  10. Trailer Brake Controller Installed - Redarc Tow Pro Liberty

    Thinking of this also and since I have not removed that panel I was wondering also about having to remove any plastic to make it fit. Any advice would be great
  11. Leaking rear window : fixes for those who don't want to play dealer roulette, wait 2 months, have their top scratched, seats ripped etc....

    The sad thing is it looks like Jeep finally came up with a fix now using a seal. They should fix all the leaking windows in warranty or not. We paid a lot of money on these vehicles and should get better service from Jeep
  12. Leaking rear window : fixes for those who don't want to play dealer roulette, wait 2 months, have their top scratched, seats ripped etc....

    I had the dealership replace it already and started leaking again after a year and now out of warranty and not wanting to spend 2000 to try and fix it again
  13. Leaking rear window : fixes for those who don't want to play dealer roulette, wait 2 months, have their top scratched, seats ripped etc....

    Just want to thank everyone who posted their ideas for fixing this problem especially ecidiego for the idea and link for the silicone hose. Got mine installed today just going to wait for rain now and hope it stays dry. Supposed to rain Saturday night so hopefully it worked
  14. HYDRO BLUE PEARL Gladiator JT Club

    The ceramic coatings are called ceramic pro 9H (only sold to professional detailers) and I think it was about $500 or $600 then about $175 a year but they coat everything, paint, plastic, and glass..
  15. HYDRO BLUE PEARL Gladiator JT Club

    I had mine professionally ceramic coated as soon as I bought it. They used a two step process that took 2 days to complete and the top layer is a sacrificial coat that gets replaced every year. After 3 1/2 years still looking good and all the pinstripes do either wipe away or polish out very easily
  16. Curious: Security for lighting

    I installed LP6 lights on my frt bumper and after having lights stolen from my TJ now I always use break-off nuts like what is used on traffic signs along with security bolts
  17. Oil Filter Housing ('19 GC LTD but, same 3.6L as our Glads...)

    Are you replacing with another plastic cooler or going to the Dorman metal unit? A grand seems a little steep, not sure what your hourly labor rate is but this should not take longer than 2 to 3 hours with air or hand tools if the tech has done before,