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  1. What is your lowest MPG with the Diesel?

    Right now I'm averaging 17.8ish on 37" Toyo RT's. but I'm 80% dense city driving and lots of short trips. When I get on the highway I can get it up to 22ish. Also when I only leave the house for the gym daily (3.7 miles each way) for a few days, my mileage gets into the mid 16's. I have not...
  2. Diesel Full Compression Suspension Cycling Measurements

    I don’t but it’s readily available in many threads on OEM shock length.
  3. Yokohama Geolandar MT G003

    As requested a 30 day follow up! Very happy with the tires so far, I'll make this easy to read: -Noise is a little more than I thought it would be. They are noticeably noisier than the Kenda Klever's (which were basically silent) but also noticeably quieter than the factory Falken MT's. -Ride...
  4. Bestop here!

    Hello, I usually run mine with the hard top on, I have run it topless as well when camping. I would estimate a few inches between the soft top and the topper. You could reach in between if needed. The supertop isn't awful to put up and down. I will say that the sides of the top have either...
  5. Yokohama Geolandar MT G003

    Thanks for all the feedback! I ended getting a smoking deal on the new Toyo Open Country RT Trail. Was about to pull the trigger on the Yoko’s. Maybe next time.
  6. Yokohama Geolandar MT G003

    It’s the Rao’s, we all know it’s the Rao’s.
  7. Yokohama Geolandar MT G003

    Thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated! Looks like you may be close to me, I'm in Diamond Bar, CA.
  8. Yokohama Geolandar MT G003

    They are great tires, super quiet and handle very well on road. They do great in snow and wet weather as well. Traction off road is very good, better than an AT especially in the mud. It was nice having a narrower tire that didnt stick out of the fender as well. Only reason I'm looking at...
  9. Yokohama Geolandar MT G003

    Hello All, Anyone running this tire on a daily driver? Looking to move up to a 37 from a 35x10.5 Kenda Klever and wanting something with a more aggressive tread look. Trying to minimize noise and general MT traits and keep the overall great drivability of the RT with the MT. Yes I know, have...
  10. California '22 Rubicon Diesel Fox Shocks (New TSB Version) & Clayton 1.5" Leveling Springs

    Yes just a shock swap, I can get you a shipping quote if you send me a zip code.
  11. Genesis batteries - lets do some math

    The same battery type in my dual sport has started the bike and run all accessories in the low teens and 20's many times. Haven't tried it any colder. I have however forgot my ignition on and headlight on many times. The battery has a built in low voltage cut off. Its seems to be at about...
  12. Genesis batteries - lets do some math

    Yes thats correct, the battery has built in charging circuitry that converts the incoming power to a usable charge for the lithium cells. Also it prevents overcharging as well. The 80AH battery im looking at definitely isnt cheap, its $1199. They have a built in jump start function as well...
  13. Genesis batteries - lets do some math

    Yes they have built in electronics to handle charging as well as a few other safety features. The lithium battery has a slightly higher voltage, he said it would be dead in a few weeks if the vehicle was not run, but otherwise would also be in a constant state of discharge. Yes the lithium...
  14. Genesis batteries - lets do some math

    Yes it also states this on the Antigravity website as well. https://antigravitybatteries.com/help-center/faq/lithium-starter-batteries/#electrical-charging He did say that you cannot have a lithium and a lead acid/agm in the same circuit. The Lithium will apparently slowly discharge into the...
  15. Genesis batteries - lets do some math

    I spoke with the Rep for Antigravity Batteries, they are plug and play. They have protections already built in which are designed specifically to allow OEM electrical systems charge their batteries. I have no need for a winch, ran my last Warn Zeon for 4 years and never used it, not even...
  16. Genesis batteries - lets do some math

    It will run substantially less often when full and will run shorter times as well. Give it a shot with as many gallon jugs of water as you can fit. My fridge runs a ton when empty or close to empty.
  17. Genesis batteries - lets do some math

    In my JK prior to the Genesis kit I could run my FULL Whynter 65 qt fridge for 2.5 days and still start the Jeep. This was using the largest size Yellow Top I could fit in the stock JK tray. I would precool the fridge with everything in it at home on 110v. Once I got to Rubicon Springs the...
  18. Perfect Wheel Backspacing for 37's on 2" Lift - Rubi Diesel Axles / Fenders

    Thanks for all the feedback! Looks like factory wheels with a 1.5" spacer would be +6 offset, correct? I'll likely go this route for now. @Rahkmalla do the XR flares seem to cover the poke at +6? I want to keep as much debris off the front doors as possible.
  19. Perfect Wheel Backspacing for 37's on 2" Lift - Rubi Diesel Axles / Fenders

    Happy Tuesday! Whats the perfect recipe for backspacing for most 37's to keep them from hitting when turning but to minimize wheel stick out. Hoping to find the happy medium. Shopping for wheels right now, and moving up. I have the Kenda Klever 35x10.5 and love them, but.... I should have...
  20. Bestop here!

    @Bestop love my Supertop! But it’s starting to sag on the driver side, where the bottom plastic slides into the rail. It’s coming off on the highway sometimes, the pic shows it just starting, during a hour trip it will Completely come out and flap. Any way to tighten this up or fix?