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  1. NOCO Genius 2D Onboard Battery Charger Install

    Got the NOCO Genius 2D battery maintainer installed and wired to the GCP2 Port. I ran an extension cord from the engine bay along the wire harness to the rear of the Jeep. Easy way to keep battery topped off without having to open the hood.
  2. NOCO Genius 2D Onboard Battery Charger Install

    I got my GCP2 port installed. About to install the NOCO Genius 2D Direct Mount and wire everything up. I'm thinking about installing this in the bed and plugging it into the 2nd outlet so I can use the shore power to charge up items in the bed. 15A Weatherproof Outdoor Power Outlet by...
  3. Bestop Tan soft top :)

    I ordered directly from Suntop in Italy.
  4. Alabama Gladiators

    I hear Gutbuster is already back to it's rutted impassable self.
  5. Bestop Tan soft top :)

    Love my tan SunTop!
  6. Wireless Android Auto

    I haven't been using it lately, but it works pretty well. Occasionally, I get the Uconnect "Device not Supported" message, but that happens even with wired connections. That's mostly a Uconnect issue, and not the AA dongle. @jtforrester mentioned another issue. When the Jeep is sitting in my...
  7. Suntop Soft Top

    Yes, but it hasn't been an issue. I've run it through a car wash and didn't have any water intrusion.
  8. Camping with your Gladiator

    First camp of the season.
  9. Alabama Alabama/Tennessee Valley Jeep Parts Garage Sale

    Sorry, that's already sold. All I have left are the wheels and tires with TPMS.
  10. Alabama Gladiators

    Lite Brite recently made a trip to Huntsville for some work at Outlaw Offroad, and to attend the Rocks & Locks event. While they were here, they made it to Straight to Ale and the Huntsville Veterans Museum. Check out the video and join us for Rocks & Locks on Wednesdays if you're in town...
  11. Suntop Soft Top

    I've removed it several times. It's just 2 bolts. It's pretty easy, just remember to have the clips on top, and not tucked under when mounting it. I've made that mistake a couple of times.
  12. Jeeps Parking Next To Jeeps

    Mine is the small one on the end...
  13. Pics, maps, locations of trails in the South

    Looks like you could run it into the Georgia Traverse starting at Burrell's Ford Campground, and add 390 miles to your trip. https://www.georgiaoverland.com/map.html
  14. 2022 Gladiator WiFi HotSpot No Internet

    I spent a bunch of time on the phone with AT&T about this yesterday. Man, their customer support phone number was difficult to find... They told me pretty much the same thing they told the OP. I don't think I've had it working for months, they say they'll credit my account for the months I...
  15. $74.98 eBay hitch skid.

    Happy Trails! Pro tip: Get a hitch receiver lock so you don't have to drop another $75 on a new one!
  16. $74.98 eBay hitch skid.

    No. The Amazon listing says it's from China.
  17. KM3 37x12.50x17 Speedo Calibration...

    I'm running 35" KM3s, but calibrated mine to 34". After you find the optimal pressure with the chalk test, the best measurement is to double the distance from the ground to the center of the hub.
  18. $74.98 eBay hitch skid.

    Here's the Body Armor for comparison.
  19. 5 tires in the truck bed?

    Warn Epic Diamond Cutters