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  1. Rear water leak. Carpet soaked. SOFT TOP, not the glass leak (Exhuaster vents where the cause)

    Might help some of yall out of warranty. My personal truck had a horrid water leak in the back, but could see no signs of intrusion anywhere. After removing the rear plastic panel with the seats out, found the exhauster being the cause. Factory folded the seal over casuing water being able to...
  2. Recall ZD2 Engine Misfire

    Peep at a new recall. States 56 vehicles effected, interested to see how many vehicles are actually going to brought in.
  3. De-Power door and installing Paracord door straps

    First write up so hopefully I don't mess this up too bad but wanted show some decent detail here so everyone knows the little tips and tricks for these door panels that I've found after replacing so many at work due to people bending connector pins when putting doors back on (This is exactly why...
  4. Using Mopar sun bonnet with soft installed

    So not much of a write up so to say but hopefully this will make someone happy to see is possible. After just adding 4 cross cuts on each side where the soft top mounting rails go, unzipping the front header to secure the latches, she shuts perfect, and works perfectly. No more having to deal...
  5. MY22 Radio, weird quirk

    So didn’t find a better place to post this so here it is. Waiting for my JT to come in from Toledo. Started going through the owners manual because, impatience. So 2022 the 7” screen is now standard on all models, but a weird “quirk” I found is that unlike previous years when you uograded or had...