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  1. Hobby Lobby

    Here you go. Ron
  2. AcccuAir Lift System

    Another version of AiROCK suspension. Though a little cheaper. Ron
  3. Opinions on control arms...Metalcloak - Clayton - Rusty's

    I'll talk longevity of the Clayton arms. I have a set that I originally installed on my 07 JK and then moved them to my 12 JK. 15 years and about 130k miles later I just rebuilt all the rear Johnny Joints because I was hearing a squeak. 3 were in perfect condition and probably didn't need to...
  4. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    That kind of explains crayons... Ron
  5. Stickers and decal pics!

    Unfortunately not. Thought about that today when I looked at it. Ron
  6. Stickers and decal pics!

    Walmart has Jeep brand Sunshields for the wrangler. I just picked one up the other day. Ron
  7. Stickers and decal pics!

    I just cringed at all the weeding that needed to be done on that. Ron
  8. Stickers and decal pics!

    Better than I could of done. Ron
  9. Where did you WHEEL your Gladiator today?

    Nice Pic of Marcos from OverlandX. Glad you were able to help him out. Ron
  10. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Thats a great way to hide the boxes from the wife.... Ron
  11. Jeep Shoes

    Good thing I swallowed my Beer right before I read that.... :CWL: Ron
  12. 3.5” overland plus tweak questions

    I have always set the rear pinion slightly lower at rest because the pinion will lift once you put a load on it due to torque. Hence, RockKrawlers picture is close to the way mine is set (I'm a little less than 2deg). My JK on a clayton lift has run this way for 9 years. Ron
  13. NACHO Gladiator club

    Need to watch the first episode. Looks like an interesting show. Guess I need to look for Jeeps. Ron
  14. Clayton 2.5" Overland Lift Driveway Solo Install Review

    That looks great. How much lift did you actually get out of the 2.5. Ron
  15. Wife hates gladiator

    Be careful, my buddy did that with a brand new C8 corvette... parked it in the driveway, went with his buddies to New Orleans for the weekend. She woke up and called him pissed off about the new 'vettte in the driveway (she hated 'vettes). He now drives a really nice Honda Odyssey to work and...
  16. DuckingJeeps

    Ducking is cheaper than my wife's purse obsession.. :( Ron
  17. DuckingJeeps

    I forgot this thread was about a duck and a Jeep. Ron
  18. Off Road inspired Jewelry

    Take a look at Edde designs. Lots of cool rings, pendants, earings... https://www.eddedesigns.com/ Ron
  19. Rear under seat storage box

    Except in Colorado, where you have both issues.. The rest is pretty true. Ron