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  1. Step Up Shocks

    So I been running Rubicon Take off shocks on my Sport S Max Tow. Am thinking about going with some new shocks and something that perhaps is a bit of a step up but not breaking the bank. Its mostly my daily driver with some sand and some light offroad trails. No plans for rock crawling much...
  2. Sound Bar Speaker Replacement

    Seems I have a busted speaker in my sound bar which I need to take a look to confirm but its got that familiar sound when you turn the volume up. Its just the standard factory sound that is with the 7" system. Money a bit tight are there any decent replacement speakers that don't cost much and...
  3. Changing 35's

    Just curious for those who have moved from stock, 33's over to 35's. Is there a big difference in effort to say change a flat tire and the gear needed. Am thinking of moving to 35's but as I get older I must face the music that things are a bit more troublesome each year.
  4. Footpegs

    Anyone find success with some good footpegs. I had to get rid of my Jpeggs mirrors and built in footpegs and now am in search of some go replacement pegs. I bought a cheap pair from Amazon for the time being but don't like them they sit to far forward and up. Appreciate any feedback
  5. Where Does Most of Your Noise Originate From

    Today while driving my JT on about a 100-mile journey mostly over freeway roads. I pondered and let my mind wander since I had my hearing aids in. I was listening to see where I thought the most noise was coming from in the JT. I drive a Sport S. Max on Rubi take-off AT tires and I have a...
  6. Ford Prototype

    Interesting this evening was asked to work up transportation cost from Ford Facility to Australia for some Prototypes of Expedition/Maverick and Bronco 4 door. I guess they are planning to start selling them in Australia soon ?
  7. Built Right Traill Rail Attachments

    Anyone who has installed the Built Right Trail Rail system have you had any success finding attachments for it that actually work and secure to the system well. Built Right was supposed to release there own attachments but that never seemed to happen I don't think. I have gone through other...
  8. New Shift Knobs

    So I finally got around to doing as my wife calls it another lego project. Decide to change up the Transfer Case and Main Shifter Grips. Went with some Speeddawg knobs I liked. The Main shifter took me about 2 hours and the transfer case took me about 30 minutes. Just add a little something...
  9. Freeway Travel with Doors off

    Anyone done any freeway traveling with the doors off. I have mine off and I don't really want to put them back on currently but I have to drive into the office. Its a 50 mile drive each way on the tollway. just curious from others who may have done such.
  10. Soft Doors

    Man I want some soft doors for my JT but they seem so expensive from the prices I have seen.
  11. Speeddawg

    Got some cool new Speeddawg shifting knobs yesterday. Guess my project for the weekend is find some video on how to install them.
  12. Puzzled Truck Won't Start

    So I am not the most mechanically inclined person (LOL). I try to tinker a bit but my strengths lie elsewhere. Today got in my truck to run some errands and won't start. What I found strange was the brake pedal is really hard to push in and when I hit the start button I get pretty much dash...
  13. Soft Top and Wind Gust

    Anyone have any idea how they test the soft tops for wind gust, etc. Man today I thought the wind was going to rip my top off from the latches and destroy it. The gust were blow so hard straight at me. I was holding that support with my hand and had to get off the freeway and onto the feeder...
  14. Locking Gas Cap

    Well it looks like it might be time for a locking gas cap. Folks have been posting up that camera's are catching thieves trying to syphon gas out of cars outside at night. Quadratec had one but its out of stock
  15. Catalytic Converter Armor

    I know there are a bunch of companies that sell underbody armor which most folks get for offroading. But I am thinking of maybe just buying a specific piece that would cover the area around the Catalytic Converter. I know from past discussions some mentioned that Jeeps are harder to get to. But...
  16. Louisiana and Windshields

    Well had to make an emergency family trip to South Louisiana this weekend. I always dread going there in my truck. Sure enough, today coming back to Texas I had another windshield smashed by big rock thrown from some ahole towing his backhoe on a trailer doing about 100 miles an hour over bumps...
  17. Traction Board Mount

    So I have been searching and haven't run across what I am looking for yet. Perhaps haven't searched enough. I have Trail Rails in the bed of my truck but not molle panels. I want o put some traction boards secured up against the cab front section when I am on the beach. Is there a bracket or...
  18. Soft Doors

    Man I finally got to take my doors off the JT and I didn't want to put them back on. Now I am wanting some soft doors or something for the summer months that can pop on and off really quickly. I have my rain gear top I can throw on but it doesn't work to well with the Jpegs mirrors in regard to...
  19. My First Bronco Sighting

    Yesterday after seeing the Purple Jeep Gladiator. Had a Bronco Sasquatch Package pull up next to me at the light on my way home. First time I have seen one up close and in person so to speak. I am assuming it was on perhaps 37" tires as it sat much higher than my JT on the stock Rubi take off...
  20. Purple Jeep Gladiator in Katy

    So I don't know who it belongs to but yesterday here in Katy, TX we were coming out of the store and there was Purple Jeep Gladiator sitting in the parking lot. My wife of course is a graduate of LSU and loves Purple looked at me and said "I thought you said they didn't sell the Jeep Gladiators...