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  1. The Jeep Gladiator IS a CAR!!

    The pizza delivery guy called my JTR a Jeep. So its a Jeep!! ;)
  2. The importance of not driving where you're not supposed to and Lockers.

    Getting stuck there in a lifted Jeep or 4wd of any kind is embarrasing
  3. Dealer didn’t put oil in after changing filter?

    The local Toyota dealer sent my neighbor on his way with no oil in his Tacoma. He made it about a mile before the truck shutdown and the engine was replaced by Toyota even though the truck is 2007 with over 100k miles. Hopefully you will get the same kind of treatment from your local Jeep dealer
  4. Thoughts if JT or JL took part in Camel Trophy

    I am sure a lightly modified JT or JL would not have any issues with the right team. I have wheeled with two guys who had Land Rover Discovery's that seemed like they were working on them more than driving them.
  5. Texas Trail Edition Towing Capacity

    I have rarely met a car salesman who knew more than me about what they were trying to sale. It's entertaining at times and makes you wonder how long they will last as a salesman. I grew up around the car business so I have driven all kinds and owned around forty
  6. downsizing wheels

    I am confused on how changing the wheels would help gas mileage unless you went with some lightweight wheel. Changing the tire size and a lighter skinnier tire might help some since going wider and heavier reduces fuel mileage and if you don't recalibrate for smaller tires you won't see accurate...
  7. Matt Rescues DV8 Off-road Bronco

    I was surprised they didn't use d-rings to start with and wondered why Matt or someone didn't get any out. What's the purpose of having and not using them
  8. The Jeep Gladiator IS a CAR!!

    You have truck plates in your state? In Tennessee you can transfer tags from any vehicle to another. I had the same tag on probably twenty vehicles until they changed the state tag last year
  9. What is this doodad?

    the continuing transfunctioner
  10. The Jeep Gladiator IS a CAR!!

    My Grandmother always thought it was weird that I drove a station wagon/ Grand Cherokee. When my sister bought an Explorer she asked when station wagons became popular for young people. Most people have called my Gladiator a Jeep and not a truck or anything else. I call it the same thing but...
  11. Rusty's 4" lift WOW... easily clears the 37's

    I might give Rusty's another try someday. I took that Grand Cherokee through some crazy stuff and what failed was a weld that held the nut to the threaded part of the bar allowing it to pull apart. After my brother in law welded it back together it would have probably lasted me many more years...
  12. Rusty's 4" lift WOW... easily clears the 37's

    Same happened too me on a 99' WJ about 13 years ago. I replaced it with a JKS bar and all was well after that. I was lucky I was wheeling with other people who could help me get the bar welded back together to get me home At the time the lift kit was around $700 so I wasn't surprised that...
  13. Baseball Cap Storage

    I hang mine off of the passenger side roof latch when its just me in the JTR. It stays there all day while I am at work since I wear a hard hat all day while at work
  14. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    My little niece and I drove to the local state park and walked the trails and looked at the wildlife exhibits. Unfortunately the wolves and bobcats were sleeping and not moving around.
  15. Rusty's 4" lift WOW... easily clears the 37's

    I haven't heard anything about Rustys since I put their 4.5" kit on my 1999 WJ many years ago. Other than the trac bar coming apart in the middle of a local trail and having to be fixed to get home then replaced it was a good kit and really cheap then compared to lift cost now.
  16. What do u have coming in the mail?

    Rugged Ridge 9" antenna It will hopefully pick up all the radio stations I have programmed and will definitely be better in the drive through car wash than the stock one which I am sure will break off eventually if not replaced
  17. New Tennessee Jeep Plates

    My neighborhood is being taken over with people from Michigan, Florida, California and for some reason people from nearby SW Virginia who cannot quit saying how great Virginia is
  18. New Tennessee Jeep Plates

    I will have to keep an eye out for these tags. I looked recently at the specialty tags and did not see these. I have the cheap for last year Tennessee blue tag which was like $5 for the year