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  1. Made in Mexico

  2. Max Tow Differential

    My 2022 Max Tow shows it in the window sticker
  3. Can't make up my mind!

    Agree. Wanting to tow, attach first and see where that leaves you. It does have a purpose. Also, if towing, be real careful about largers lifts and tires. That can have negative effect also. We are towing so I have left my Sport S Max Tow stock to take advantage of factory design and payload.
  4. Sun Visors Falling out...

    I put the TACCOM ones one as soon as I bought the GLadiator. Never have had a problem as a result.
  5. Asked Chat GPT about re-gearing with 37s to end all debate...

    What if Shadows Papa isssssss AI??? Wrap our minds around that…..
  6. Inconsistent Heat with Heated Seats and Steering Wheel

    The Gladiator is set up to take into account ambient temperature etc. Once the interior of it starts warming up the seats and steering wheel are not as hot. If it is cold both get much hotter. In fact if the steering wheel is already warm from the sun etc, it does not even turn on or turns off...
  7. What is this doodad?

    it connects to run the doohicky
  8. Pricing on new JT

    Built and ordered my 2022 Sport S Max Tow with a ton of options. My MSRP was 58K from the factory. Very possible. I did not want a Rubi nor lockers. I wanted to have the tow and payload as high as possible. So I would not be surprised that someone could build a 50K base Sport.
  9. Am I crazy for thinking I want a Gladiator?

    Black Sapphire Convertible BMW M Turbo….4 second 0-60….. traded in for Gladiator. No regrets.
  10. SOOO Done with this truck

    Ihave had BMWs and Toyotas all go in for warranty issues so I think one just gets lucky or not. The reason for sharing positive experiences in a negative thread is not a slap in the face….it is because many people come to forums who do not own jeeps and look to see if the vehicle is good/bad...
  11. New offroad travel trailer

    Question. We are looking at the Dweller 13. I have a 22 Sport S Max Tow. What is the actual real tip of hitch to back of tire length and also the true height measured of ground to the highest point on the trailer roof WHEN COLLAPSED? Can you check that for me since I do not trust online...
  12. SOOO Done with this truck

    Good luck. Lemons do occur. My JT is a dream. It has run smooth, steering straight on, strong and straight and nothing more than oil changes. I Have absolutely no issues.
  13. No Start

    FYI, you can use your multimeter to also check your alternator. I noticed at first you were considering getting a new one. Using the multimeter to test alternator can save you some wasted $$. Glad you figured out the six issue.
  14. Dealer service (or lack of) vent

    First the OP is Bob and second, why does one assume a woman would not know and even worse need a husband to check the trim and size? You should have just left it at your question about size and trim. Would you say the same to a guy? …”Hey if you do not know, go ask the wife”…..both men and...
  15. Ram 1500 REV will be powered by New Electric Drive Module (EDM) achieving range up to 500 miles

    And what happens when it tows or when it gets in cold weather? Or even worse towing in cold weather…..Once you get to a 1500 or higher (2500, etc) many people tow with them and most EVs drop to crap for range once it tows. Watch what happens in real life tests.
  16. JT a sales failure & doomed to same fate as the Scrambler?

    Meh, does not bother me one way or another. The FJ Cruiser was discontinued some say too early. Sales we never outstanding. And now it is a niche wanted vehicle. Our 2011 currently will sell for more than what we bought it for 12 years ago. I have people walk up to me and ask if I want to sell...
  17. Protecting the Precious

    This makes me laugh because I went the other way. I traded in a Sapphire Black BMW M Series convertible that I even dried with a leaf blower. There was not a single scratch on the entire thing. I parked so far away in lots it was a pain. Was always detailing it. Once I got the Jeep I was...
  18. Water in airbox after car wash.

    I run mine through touchless car wash which uses jets all the time and never have a problem. Been doing it for a year.
  19. What has the off road community become?

    However, the JT is always in the list of best overlanders.
  20. 3.6L Pentastar V6 Engine Failure

    My 2022 is still stock, bought the 8 year extended warranty and have all the work including oil changes done by the dealer. So far so good though no issues at all since I bought it. Once out of warranty there is no business reason to expect Jeep to cover it. Large modifications make it even...