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  1. Tavares Says Electric Vehicles Cost 40% More To Manufacture

    There are serious disadvantages to LFP, cold being one of them. Also, the Ford plant, while planned to be built in Michigan, sources a majority of the components from China. So basically it's being "assembled" here but using mostly overseas components/minerals. Better than nothing I suppose but...
  2. 2023 Jeep Gladiator Order…What step are you in?

    Got the update from Jeeptracker that my Jeep was built yesterday. Unfortunately I was caught up in a RIF 3 weeks ago. Gonna have to pass on delivery now until the job situation gets sorted. At least it Happened BEFORE I took delivery.
  3. Ram 1500 REV will be powered by New Electric Drive Module (EDM) achieving range up to 500 miles

    Thieves around here have been steeling copper out of highway lamp posts. They target ones in construction zones so nobody notices a truck parked beside a post and men working for a while.
  4. Bilstein 5100

    :CWL: What? 11k? Does the box they come in have 2 keys of coke in them or what? Reminds me of my old GMC that came stock with Bilsteins. I did the same thing one day at the parts counter and asked what they’d cost to replace. He says $182. I said, “ oh, that’s not bad” Then he says, “ that’s...
  5. 2023 Chevrolet Colorado First Drive: One of the Best Midsizers Asserts Itself

    I drove this drivetrain in the Silverado Trail Boss. I gotta say the power was decent but there was lousy tuning on the transmission and gas pedal. The pedal was like an on/off switch. Either you got a lot of power or very little. also, the transmission was tuned to get into a high gear quickly...
  6. Lockers vs Eaton Truetrac

    You sure they were Truetracs? Mine locks up instantly.
  7. Lockers vs Eaton Truetrac

    I’ve got a Truetrac in my JK (Rear only). I’ve never disabled my ABS or traction control and everything works great. If anything, the Truetrac causes the traction control to hardly ever kick in because traction is so good now.
  8. Service centers at Dealerships backed up

    I like this method. Makes a lot of sense For everyone.
  9. Bonus cash offer available

    Just to confirm this $1k bonus cash is still available. Looks like they keep extending the end date. Since it looks my bonus cash coupon date is going to expire right around my delivery date I went back to the Jeep site and was able to trigger the bonus cash popup again. I got a new code with...
  10. 3.6L Pentastar V6 Engine Failure

    So how much more involved is an LS swap from an electronics perspective. The nice thing about the Hemi is it is still compatible with the ecu, bcu and other electronic stuff. How does the LS talk to all the mopar electronics? Anyone, McFly……. Nevermind, just watched one of those videos.
  11. Switching from M/T to A/T results

    I've run the BFG KO's many times and now run the General Grabber A/Tx . I prefer the Generals slightly. Both are good tires but the snow traction is better with the Generals IMO. All the other traits between these two I would rate as a tie.
  12. HELP ME DECIDE! Gladiator Mojave VS 2023 Ranger Raptor

    Do you have any Jeep clubs there? It would be useful if you could get a ride along in one in the dunes. One thing I am wondering about is the power needed in big dunes. Gladiator is heavy and not the most powerful.
  13. HELP ME DECIDE! Gladiator Mojave VS 2023 Ranger Raptor

    The ZF8 in the gladiator is the best torque converted transmission on the market today. Will they still have the occasional issue, sure. I’ve read of a lot more issues with Fords 10 speed. Hopefully they can get it worked out better as most issues sound like programming issues. That being said...
  14. Koons Current Pricing Breakdown

    Orders for 23 are closed already? Really? Wow. Seems way too early in the year for that.

    Koons says average time is 6-8 weeks once it goes into production But there’s no gaurantees.
  16. The $17 Work/Camp Light from Lowes

    Ha, yup. I bought a bunch of those and they’re hanging in my garage. So nice working out there now. you painted OSB? Oooph. Did that once. Couldn’t believe the amount of paint that stuff absorbs. :computerrage: Like a sailor on shore leave……
  17. Am I the only one?

    Are there still clips under the center console lid to hold a pen and/or an air gauge? Still waiting over here for delivery of mine.....
  18. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Nice car and trailer too. I like how the fenders come off. I’m shooting to get some time at Limerock this summer with the Supra. I have a neighbor who is big into racing with his built RX7. In Fact, I have 3 other neighbors who sound like they want to all do a track day together. So we’d be a...
  19. Mud, bikes, beach and a Battleship

    Niiice pic. Yeah, I’m amazed at the size of those guns. The commotion when those suckers fire just has to be immense. Thanks for your service sir. Where did your tours take you.
  20. Gladiator Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    I know this is an old post but wanted to say I'm seeing the same thing. The Jeep site is saying "scheduled" and the tracker here has no info other than seeing my order. Doesn't seem like this tracker here is very accurate.