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  1. $150 for a map update??

    Because the cabin is so perfect for improvement of sound ;) jk
  2. $150 for a map update??

    This is one reason why I didn’t find the 8.4” screen worth the money. I knew they would want money for map updates. I am fine using Apple Maps/CarPlay
  3. Safely disabling your Gladiator through fuse box?

    LOL! Just move to ‘Murica! As long as you are allowed to leave ;) We will welcome you with open arms, and may provide you a gun just for moving Also, that really sucks to hear about all the theft going on up there. Really weird as I would have never thought this would happen 10+ years ago.
  4. Any news on Inline-6 Hurricane engine coming to Gladiator?

    In-line engines are much better for torque, so I certainly wish the Gladiator had one. I also understand it’s much more compact to have a V engine.
  5. Am I crazy for thinking I want a Gladiator?

    ^^^^^ this. Don’t add to the number of gray vehicles out on the road. Plus, the Jeep looks much better in brighter colors. I ended up getting the blue as I didn’t have an option for nacho or pumpkin.
  6. Am I crazy for thinking I want a Gladiator?

    The answer is always the Mojave As others have said, the more into my 40s, the more I enjoy a nice cruise with the Gladiator. I also had sports cars throughout my late 20s and 30s. I still had a BMW M235i until this year, when I replaced it with a 1973 Ford F100. Oh, I should note that the...
  7. It's a Good Thing They're Not Puppies

    Well that is certainly an interesting way to detect if the levels are low….ffs technology can really be shit sometimes
  8. It's a Good Thing They're Not Puppies

    What sensors are you talking about? The ones that automatically turn your windshield wipers on/off? I've never used it, so I'm really curious (not trolling). If so, that is interesting with rainX.
  9. Ram 1500 REV will be powered by New Electric Drive Module (EDM) achieving range up to 500 miles

    500 miles is really the spot for me before I consider going electric. I'm a bit sceptic though as it seems every vehicle underperforms their estimates. 400+ would still be pretty decent, and you could speculate hitting 200+ towing, which isn't too bad for your primary vehicle. With all of that...
  10. Good deal reached on 22 however..

    Damn, amazing how rates have changed. One question, what if you go with a lower month? I would expect if you went with a 32/48 month the rates would be lower. I was able to get 0% with Chrysler at 32 months, but I'm guessing those days are done for some time....
  11. Geesh, you'd think it'd be GREEN!

    I don't understand the tumor reference......
  12. JT v. Taco: Which is objectively built better? 2021 Gladiator vs 2021 Tacoma comparison review by owner

    Surprised to see all the hate on this video. I think it was very informative and a much better comparison video than most. I wouldn't care which he's comparing if he does this good of a job. I actually didn't know the info on the Tacoma frame vs everyone else. I kind of wish he talked a bit...
  13. Which Gladiator is the better buy?

    I don't get it, the answer is always a Mojave.....
  14. A Jeep Tech, Mechanic, & JT owner answers reliability questions

    I agree, but also disagree with you. Gov shouldn't be involved at all. As many have pointed out, nobody is buying a Jeep to have to keep hitting the stupid button just to relieve stress on the vehicle and gain 2mpg.
  15. A Jeep Tech, Mechanic, & JT owner answers reliability questions

    Not sure what you're asking. I've just always thought it was excess stress on a vehicle for the stop/start function for such a small 'gain' in mpg. I don't believe we would even have this if it wasn't for the gov forcing high mpg's on manufactures
  16. A Jeep Tech, Mechanic, & JT owner answers reliability questions

    Glad to see what he said about the auto start/stop. I have always thought this was too much stress for the truck, though I didn't think about the battery.
  17. Leaking rear window : fixes for those who don't want to play dealer roulette, wait 2 months, have their top scratched, seats ripped etc....

    Thank you for this information. I've added this to my Amazon list. Mine hasn't leaked (yet?) and I'm still very annoyed this is even a thing.... Keeping water out of a vehicle should have been solved in the 1940s.