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  1. What Mopar Parts Site has “In Stock” that is accurate need trans shifter 68620944AA ??

    I had a mirror that was on backorder for months, called the parts guys at Chapman CDRJ and they looked it up, said, oh, that part number changed. They had one on hand and they shipped it same day across the country, had it on in 5 days. Super helpful and checked them out due to the many...
  2. 2022 AEV Gladiator Rubicon build

    Can you expand on this? I’m curious what all you cut out and if you just leave the 3M tape on the intake tube. Does it just give a better sound like a CAI would? Or different?
  3. Good JT 2.5" lift for 35's and shock setup for a JT overland?

    No gear at all, just regular highway driving, had the Mopar Extreme Recon wheels with BFG KO2's, stock 3.73 gears in my Overland.
  4. Good JT 2.5" lift for 35's and shock setup for a JT overland?

    Heads up if you don’t regear, I had 35’s on mine for two weeks, mostly highway driving, went straight back to 33’s b/c I hardly saw 7th and 8th
  5. Please tell me this wasn't one of you...

    I've had a 20' ladder out of my bed ratchet strapped in with the tailgate in the half open position. Had to be very mindful of anything other than driving in a straight line...
  6. Looking for a unicorn phone mount. Any suggestions?

    I got this off Amazon, it's cheap and only use it when using All Trails app or something that's not supported in CarPlay. Usually take the phone mount off and set my phone down by the hand brake under normal driving. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09MTZ7Q5D?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details
  7. Sarge502: Progress Thread

    Thanks Sarge! No lift for me in the future as this will stay as my daily. I do take mine out quite a bit, LBL, Big South Fork and Prentice Cooper outside Chattanooga, those are the easiest for me to get to since I'm north of Nashville. I have the Teraflex leveling kit and wheel spacers on...
  8. Sarge502: Progress Thread

    How does the Rubicon suspension ride compared to the stock Overland? I've been considering putting takeoff's on mine but my daily drive is 80 miles a day. Bought it primarily as a truck but trail ride every other weekend. Spent Sunday in Daniel Boone Natl Forrest, trying to make my way to the...
  9. Arkansas Openroad 10,000lb synthetic winch

    What part of Arkansas?
  10. 35s and No Lift Thread

    Just put 315/70R17 KO2’s with the XR wheels from a 392. Wheel spacers and a leveling kit on my Overland
  11. Rubbing on 35’s and stock wheels- Spacers?

    I just put 315/70R17 KO2's on mine yesterday, already had a Teraflex 1.75" wheel spacer and zero rub at full lock. I have an Overland with 1.5 leveling kit in the front. And I have the Extreme Recon wheels off a 392...
  12. Tennessee Sold: WTB 2022 Overland passenger side mirror, part# 68281890AE

    Looking for a passenger mirror, apparently no one has one and is backordered with no estimated ship date.
  13. Mopar Beadlock Wheels - Let’s see them!

    I put the 392 wheels and stock 33’s on mine, only have some Teraflex wheel spacers. No real nicks or anything to speak of so far and they look 10 times better than my stock overland pizza cutters
  14. What do you do with your doors?

    As promised…
  15. What do you do with your doors?

    I’ll post one next time I put them back on
  16. What do you do with your doors?

    2pcs of 1 3/4in white oak, 8 5in lag bolts I had laying around and eye bolts from Lowe’s, $6.00 in it and an hour of my time
  17. BRIGHT WHITE Gladiator JT Club

    2022 Overland on 392 wheels & 33's