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    A true dual exhaust is available from Mopar complete with cross-over (modern version of the old H-pipe)... as with all things Mopar it's not cheap at $1640 plus taxes, shipping, etc.... Cat Back Exhaust System - Mopar (82216276AA)
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    Are you planning to include an H-pipe to connect the two sides? Based on my admittedly dated dual-exhaust knowledge from my classic mustang days, the H-pipe is pretty crucial to efficient exhaust scavenging versus two fully separate pipe systems.
  3. 2.5" Overland Plus went on today!

    Yeah - it's basically $600 once you add in the shipping. Pennsylvania has some crappy laws about tire poke that are almost randomly enforced (or not enforced). My main goal was to avoid those potential issues. I didn't like that partial coverage of the extreme recon flares and I couldn't find...
  4. Water Fording

    I see what you did there! .... no pun intended?
  5. 2.5" Overland Plus went on today!

    There a several threads on the forum where some folks have issues with noise from the rear springs, bowing of the rear springs and/or rear springs coming off the perch at full flex. You can search the forum for the threads if you want more details. I haven't experienced any of the issues, though...
  6. 2.5" Overland Plus went on today!

    The two set of fronts approach is for the mopar extreme fender flares. I bought 2" extensions from Double Black Off Road (DBOR JT Rubicon US Spec) - they provide full coverage for both front and rear fenders, but the are expensive. Even on sale on the DBOR site, the shipping costs ended up being...
  7. 2022 AEV Gladiator Rubicon build

    You mean an empty wallet isn't the kind of weight savings you are looking for? :)
  8. 2.5" Overland Plus went on today!

    The wheels are KMC Trail - though looking at the KMC website now it seems they no longer offer the matte black color (only matte bronze). They are 17x9 -12mm and running the numbers through this calculator, Offset Calculator, my change from stock wheels/tires (285/70-17 and +44mm offset) to the...
  9. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Gotta love the apartment life ... I deal with the same crap trying to even the simplest mods. You might want to score the line you need to cut and find a local fab shop who would make that cut for you. Probably wouldn't cost any more than a blade for aluminum.
  10. Touch-up Paint

    Quadratec says they have those touch-up pens. I ordered one in Gobi from them on March 3rd when their website said they usually ship in 2-4 weeks. One day later the order status went to 'In Shipping (3rd Party)' ..... still waiting and almost at the 4 week mark.
  11. Secure Rolling Tonneau BAK Revolver X4S vs TruXedo Sentry CT

    It's exactly 46" inside measure between the two locking levers with the top open. Once you clear the two locking levers it's exactly 49" between the rails.
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  13. Secure Rolling Tonneau BAK Revolver X4S vs TruXedo Sentry CT

    x4s here .... ran out and took a few pictures... short answer is with the cover closed you lose about 2 1/8" on either side if you are really trying to use full bed width .... you lose maybe just 2" on each side with the cover open due to the way the arm pivots up .... sorry for the pictures...
  14. Large Christmas tree push pins on inner fender liner

    If you need them today and have a Harbor Freight nearby, they have a similar kit for $2 more ... HF Pittsburgh Automotive Plastic Fastener Kit

    KMC Trails - 17x9 -12mm offset with 37x12.5-17 Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/Ts
  16. 2.5" Overland Plus went on today!

    I had a local shop install my lift (living in an apartment where I just don't have even a good parking area to do my own work in).... they install a lot of Clayton lifts. I have somewhere between 500 and 600 miles on with the kit and no issues so far. I haven't done any serious trail obstacles...
  17. 2.5" Overland Plus went on today!

    The RH frame side front skids are an easy install, you only have to remove the nut and slide the skid on, replace the nut and torque appropriately. I think the RH rear frame side skids only mount with the control arm bolt. I went with Rusty's for the rear frame side skid for the extra mounting...
  18. 2.5" Overland Plus went on today!

    They are Rockhard skids. Here is a link to them on the RH site: https://www.rockhard4x4.com/product_p/rh-80516.htm
  19. 2.5" Overland Plus went on today!

    I'll be honest ... I don't know. The shop I worked with has installed dozens of these lifts on JTs, so I left it up to them for which length to get. They are the Falcon SPC 3.3 shocks, I think they are the 2-3" lift version.
  20. Thoughts on new 37" Tires

    @MAG00 - Here is my unsolicited advice to you (for what it's worth?) You just got a lot of very positive reviews about several of the tires you are considering. Don't let yourself get caught in a loop obsessing over trying to figure out which one is 'the best tire' since they are all great. I'd...