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  1. First time ducked in two decades of driving Jeeps! Made my day!!!!!

    I have gone 4 decades before I got mine! Thought I was unduckable until last month my wife retired on a Thursday and we drove to Park City on Friday for no reason. In the middle of nowhere in the California desert, we stopped to stretch at a gas station. A nice guy named Tim from New Mexico...
  2. Asked Chat GPT about re-gearing with 37s to end all debate...

    Shadowspapa is not GPT-4! GPT-4 can summarize according to the video.
  3. ‘22 Black High Altitude Ecodiesel w/ 37s, gold wheels

    First thing I thought of is all he needs is the Bandit Decals. Nice rig!
  4. [CLOSED] WINNER ANNOUNCED: DIY Windshield Protection Film Giveaway -- ExoShield ULTRA

    I would give it a try. Some pretty good impacts so far but luckily no breaks!
  5. Holy Molle! Who's Actually Using Them?

    I purchased the intermediate size Ruffland and my 38 pound Australian Shepherd fills it. It fills the 60 percent delete! I went to Sportman’s Warehouse and they let me take it out of the store to make sure it fit in the backseat and through the door opening. It is very tight fit through the...
  6. TSB for radio, hotspot, etc.

    Thank you for posting! Today my music would randomly increase volume forcing me to turn it down when hooked up to CarPlay. Not sure if it related but now I am wondering.
  7. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    So the wife retired last Thursday and we hit the road Saturday. We drove to Park City to let the pup run in the snow and visit a distillery. Prior to leaving, I called Harker Outdoors and asked if something could be done about minor water leakage from the back hatch. They said they would send...
  8. Tools and tool boxes - let's see em

    I live dangerously. I only carry a 10 mm socket that is somewhere in my engine compartment!
  9. Test Drove a Gladiator today, five easy questions for you current owners.

    Sounds like you made a wise decision. Good luck in your pursuit of one fun ride. Just to confirm your decision… Back in my younger days of fighting fire, they would fly us all over the Western U.S.. When we arrived at the airport, they would issue us rental cars to drive to and around the...
  10. Dont throw anything away!!

    And don’t throw away the paperwork either! I found out the hard way as I called Geico today. I was wondering if I had an accident, would all my mods be covered. They sent me a multi page form that wanted me to list every modification with the cost. No problem as I kept a pretty good...
  11. Valve stem caps OMG!

    Mine came with a prophylactic for protection!
  12. Holy Molle! Who's Actually Using Them?

    My back seat is for my dog that seems to be the perfect driving companion once she calms down. She keeps her opinions to herself, doesn’t complain about my driving, and she does approve all Jeep mods! I did try the Dirty Dog hammock and netting to keep her confined to the rear of the cab but...
  13. Jeep 3 piece Suit.

    I found this one that matched my Jeep perfectly with the red line flag.
  14. Rock-Slide Engineering 3rd Gen Step Sliders: Okay on Stock Mojave?

    No diesel? I have them on my JTRD as well.
  15. Integrated "Flush" Style Roof Mounted Light Bar- Who would be interested?

    I love the look but I have a couple of concerns. We have serious issues with rocks striking the windshield with this vehicle Is this going going to collect the rocks and allow them to bounce on our hoods? Also will this make poor fuel economy worse? It seems like a catcher’s mitt for airflow...
  16. New Interior Product: Holder for Water Bottles

    I know this is a bad idea but now I can install a beer growler to my grab handle! Genius! Thanks for the idea!
  17. Painting my 2020 Overland...

    Do you do other color Jeeps and different backgrounds? Beautiful work!
  18. M.O.R.E. Dead Pedal: More than a foot rest.

    The Quadratec dead pedal doesn’t look OEM unless you buy the optional adhesive pad that matches the pattern of the other pedals. https://www.quadratec.com/p/quadratec/driver-side-dead-pedal-wrangler-jl-gladiator-jt/qua-dead-pedal-jl-jt-pedal-with-pad Here is a picture from their website.
  19. M.O.R.E. Dead Pedal: More than a foot rest.

    Although it took a month of Sundays to receive it from Quadratec, their dead pedal was very easy to install. It also matches the gas and brake pedal making it look oem. If you ever had back problems, you would understand how nice a dead pedal is. It allows you to position your leg that...