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  1. Front Differential Service

    I just completed my second service on my front differential The first one I pulled the cover so I could inspect, this time I drained using the drain plug. I while I was applying liquid thread tape to the plug, I noticed it has a rubber o ring. Has anyone else noticed this? I checked the Mopar...
  2. Mopar soft tonneau

    I have a 2020 JTR that has a Mopar soft tonneau since new. I very rarely have the tonneau rolled up except when I have to carry something large. Today I rolled the tonneau and noticed fibers and strings hanging from the underside. When I checked it out it was the 2 straps that runs from the...
  3. Anyone replaced their front brake pads yet?

    Wandering if anyone has replaced their front brake pads yet. I just finish rotating my tires and noticed I was going to need front pads soon and checked out Mopar pads first and they are over $200 a set which to me is expensive for a set of pads. So if anyone has changed theirs what did you go...
  4. Kentucky Jeep Jamboree

    We just signed up for the Land Between the Lakes jamboree and wondering if any other Gladiators are planning on going?
  5. Cargo storage

    I know a few members have gone the route of tool boxes or custom built storage boxes for the back of their Gladiator. I was a real fan of the Pelican cargo cases that were shown over a year ago in Vegas. Since then they have released their cargo cases with the mounting systems for tacos, Ford's...
  6. Exhaust loop

    Anyone find a need to protect the exhaust loop (front exhaust pipe) with a skid? Not sure if it is needed and concerned about more heat being directed upwards and towards the control arm. Any thoughts?
  7. Covin apperal

    Wife thought I needed to have more Jeep apparel, so she made this

    Has anyone purchased the ARB 9 inch LED driving lights? Wanted to know if you think they are worth the $1400+ price tag, other than name and some nice security features, is there a real world difference in the light they project?
  9. How are you using your Trail Rail System?

    How is everyone using their rail system?
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