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  1. Clutch Recall (2/23/23): Clutch Pressure Plate May Overheat -- Affecting 70,000 Manual Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators

    Okay so I did understand it. Pressure going back is a good way to explain and I get it now fully. ~2 lbs on return is actually horrible, totally get why my wife thinks its "sticking to the floor" compared to the JK
  2. Clutch Recall (2/23/23): Clutch Pressure Plate May Overheat -- Affecting 70,000 Manual Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators

    I think it does? At least show it stays nominal after the actuation point which is good and predictable. Personally I don't fully understand this graph. How is pressure (I think we are measuring pressure) measured. Both up and down. it the left measurements PSI, or ft/lbs, in/lbs? is the bottom...
  3. Stop sale on manual transmission Gladiators (clutch assembly may overheat, causing a fire)

    What toy just described is exactly whats happening to these clutchs
  4. Clutch Recall (2/23/23): Clutch Pressure Plate May Overheat -- Affecting 70,000 Manual Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators

    I saw your post in the JL forums saying you use a modified Jk pressure plate (essentially) as far as design. My wide has a manual JK, she refuses to drive the JT because she says it feels like the clutch is sticking to floor with how light it is. With your clutch, does it have that conventional...
  5. Axle Shaft Swap & FAD Delete

    The Dealer tool allows to engage the FAD, then keep it engaged and disable the system making it permentaly connected. I see after looking the Tazer option just remoeves any related codes from the system but dosent do the same as the Dealer tool. 4H auto does not engage the FAD unless commanded...
  6. Anyone know what lift this is?

    Just want to say taking those off and putting a teraflex level will make it sit lower, unless you go a lift
  7. Axle Shaft Swap & FAD Delete

    I disabled my FAD. (Dealer software allows this, i also belive Tazer can? Could be a lie) have for about 25k miles have never had a driveline vibration.
  8. Roll and sway

    Look into anti-rock with a thick bar and heavier valved shocks. Just my 2 suggestions
  9. FAD Failure

    Most likely a electrical failure, consider it lucky it failed ingaged. With the FAD engaged you should not have driveline vibrations, if you do, id be looking at front driveshaft issues
  10. Love Centerforce now. The new clutch is working great. Please Help. 2.5 weeks without my JT---F#$%ing Centerforce!

    Honestly this is what I want. Our JK clutch feel is heavier, but good and consistent. I have no intrest in changing the OEM hydraulics
  11. CEL again

    P0300 multiple cylinder misfire. Commony right side
  12. CEL again

    I have a strong suspicion
  13. CEL again

    What where the codes previously? This is a known issue on 2020’s and if the dealer isnt diagnosing as the known issue but instead just going off codes they will never fix it
  14. Brake fluid in coolant expansion tank

    You are most likely fine. Never a bad idea to go ahead and just flush the system and use OEM coolant and distilled water in like a week
  15. Building 3.6 with forged internals

    Note thats why there was wayyyyy less failures on JKs with super chargers conpared to JL/JTs
  16. Any news on Inline-6 Hurricane engine coming to Gladiator?

    The new 3.0 Hurricane motors are twin turbo straight 6’s based off rhe same platform as the 2.0T found in the JL and a number of other things. The standard one makes more power and torque then a 5.7 and peak torque at a lower RPM, the HO variant makes more power then a 6.4 and same story on...
  17. TPMS Reset button

    All sensors or 1 sensor is reading “—“?
  18. 2022 gladiator sport tailgate lock

    Theres a TSB/Recall I forget what name, but its for this exact issue. Go to a new dealer
  19. TPMS Reset button

    Auto updates while driving if sensors are correct, OEM, and working
  20. Building 3.6 with forged internals

    Except these arent the old 3.6s. They are the updated ones, with 11.3:1 on an engine not built for any boost. With the new 3.0 and 3.0 HO running 10.4:1 and 9.5:1 respecfully. 2 things that would be amust for boost for ME, just saying ME, would by 9.5:1 to 10:1 conpression, and EGR delete. Do...