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  1. "Creaking" plastic? sound in cabin

    mine sounds like a haunted house when going over any bumps when the roof is frozen and snowy ... in winter
  2. Any news on Inline-6 Hurricane engine coming to Gladiator?

    im all in for a I6 with or without turbos will be a vast improvement over this V6
  3. Do mud flaps make a difference (protect my driver's door handle from road grit/mud)?

    i got a good 'open box' deal on a 4 set of Husky mudflaps #17101 (non-specific vehicle) steel uppers and 1/2" rubber on the bottom, i will have to mod them to fit, waiting on better weather to install. WT and RBz were out of my price range up here.
  4. [CLOSED] WINNER ANNOUNCED: DIY Windshield Protection Film Giveaway -- ExoShield ULTRA

    i like to say "0" but as soon as i do murphy could show up ...
  5. JT a sales failure & doomed to same fate as the Scrambler?

    IMO an I6 gasser would solve the power issue, I6 would have enough low end to make a difference. There hasnt been any news at all about whats coming up for the Gladiator so to me it looks like they'll move forward on the Dakota and let the Gladi end. All IMO ofcourse.
  6. So I Drove Another Mojave Today…….

    i came from modded diesels Rams last 20yrs so im not expecting that power but this V6 is under powered IMO, its an auto and when its in 3rd gear i feel the need to go out and push. But i will test drive a newer model and see if theres a differance now that you got me thinking ...
  7. JT plastic bumper swap to steel bumper

    I reused the back panels from my plastic bumper to cover them up. I'm still deciding if i should add a fog in there or poke a hole so the front doesn't fill up with snow.
  8. Winch line - synthetic vs cable

    also if no one mentioned it the weight difference between the two, steel winch line is alot heavier than synthetic winch.
  9. Gladiator Glamour Shots

    Nice solid rims, what make are they?
  10. Winch disconnect switch?

    a battery on/off switch will work and is way cheaper thats what i used.
  11. Swapping the Mojave plastic bumper with the Mopar steel bumper

    failed to mention mine is a OEM steel Rubi bumper not a knock off. Ill see what pics i have of the install
  12. Swapping the Mojave plastic bumper with the Mopar steel bumper

    I did this swap didnt have to trim anything, everything fit and bolted right up skid plate and all. Only thing that changed was it was bottoming out over speed bumps so i added 1 1/4" spacers and it improved it, but didnt realize how much heavier the whole set up would be. On a side note the...
  13. Integrated "Flush" Style Roof Mounted Light Bar- Who would be interested?

    can each section of lights be turned on separately since there's 3 sections?
  14. Warn Winch Recall

    how about just making a rubber cover to put on the remote. It's not waterproof but water resistant, better than there cop out solution.
  15. ⚠️ Announcing New Member’s Marketplace / Classifieds Section Rules

    another good rule we had in the Cummins forums was members couldn't post anything for sale unless they had certain amount of posts and was a member for a certain amount of time. It stopped the fly by night posters.
  16. 2024/2025 JT+JL V6 Hurricane / 4xe / 392

    IMO the lack of info on future Gladiators and all the talk around the new Dakota is not a good sign