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  1. Anvil Dash Bar - Discussed by Ozark Overland Adventures

    Go to about 6 minutes into the video. I like what he has in his gladiator. Anvil Dash Bar.
  2. Vendor? Saw at Chapman Dealer

    This was on the rear of a gladiator for sale at the dealership here in town. Can anyone identify this slant back and the vendor?
  3. Deadline to Avert Freight Rail Strike Closes In

    Sept 15th is the end of cooling off period with rail strikes possible. Here is AAR report regardling what could be affected by strike. https://fm.cnbc.com/applications/cnbc.com/resources/editorialfiles/2022/09/08/AAR-Rail-Shutdown-Report-September-2022.pdf From the Assoc of American Railroad...
  4. Workers Strike At Stellantis Plant in Indiana

    Could cause production delays as is casting plant for part for power trains. https://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory/uaw-workers-strike-stellantis-plant-indiana-89644492
  5. Where would you put your trailer brake controller?

    Pondering this……would you pull the 12v and put the MOPAR there or drill a new hole to right of AC controls install an aftermarket to maintain the 12v? I keep going back and forth on this….pros and cons… I want it to look fairly clean.
  6. Sport S Max Tow Wheel Specs

    I have searched around and found Rubicon information, but what are the wheel specs for the Sport S Max Tow? I am new to wheel and tire changes and looking to go to 33s but want a little better stance. Without any lift or spacers and going only to a 33, what would y’all recommend for the wheel...
  7. Help with Rough Country Quad POD White DRL install wiring - Have OEM Aux switches

    I decided to get the complex wiring lights with my first time ever wiring. Ihave quad cube plus DRL which means double blue, double white etc. have read what everyone has here and also looked at a ton of online videos. After I cut the switch and fuse off the harness, it leaves mutiple color...
  8. Go from 245/75 r17 to higher on Sport S Max Tow?

    New to changing tire sizes. The Max Tow has the wider Dana 44s (4.10). Can I move from the 245/75 R17 to 285/70 R17 with no change to the stock rims or any rubbing? etc. What about a 315/70 R17? I dont want to do any lifting, regearing or anything. Want to keep everything else same including...
  9. New Sport S Tailgate Decal

    Ordered a Sport S Max Tow in Sarge Green. Did not like the “Sport” decal on the back but wanted something. So removing that and pixeldecals is custom making me this for the back same spot
  10. How Long in JB Status?

    How long has everyone spent in JB status (vendor install for options for things like spray liner, steps, etc) which is the status after built.
  11. Max Tow with Freedom Top Payload

    Is there anyone out there that has a max tow that came with the freedom top (without a lot of other weight related option) who can tell me that their payload says on their door sticker? Ijust want a general idea of how much payload reduces on the Sport S due to the max tow (axles are larger) and...