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  1. Mojave Desert Amboy

    Read today the owner of Amboy (Albert Okura) passed away. Albert was also the owner Juan Pollo restaurants and the McDonalds/Route 66 museum located in San Bernardino. Albert spent a lot of time and more money keeping Amboy open during his time of ownership. RIP Albert. On my way through...
  2. Lockers and Lasfit

    Just over a month ago I installed front and rear Lockers on my 80th Anniversary Gladiator. I have the Voswitch 300 switch panel and had two empty switch/circuits that I used to activate the Lockers. All was good until I saw the Lasfit Auxiliary Switch Panel with one switch for front locker...
  3. Barnes Molle Bed Panels

    Installed the Barnes Molle Bed Panels today. The panels are sold and shipped in raw steel. No paint, primer or powder coat. Spent several hours priming and painting in texture coat black. I was very impressed with the engineering, fit and strength of the panels. Install was made easy as...
  4. Made It To The Top

    No need for 4X4. Made it to the top of the parking structure in Santa Monica!
  5. Water Leak Under Dash

    Checking to see if anyone has had this issue and what the fix is. Each time I go through the car wash a puddle appears on the driver’s side all weather floor mat. The water is coming from under the dash and between the steering column and straight up from where a dead peddle would be...
  6. Rubicon Axle Swap

    Will Gladiator Rubicon axles directly swap with Gladiator Sport axles? Are the brakes (caliper/disc) on the Sport the same as on a Rubicon and is the drive shaft the same length for both Rubicon and Sport. I realize the locker electric will need to be configured and that the Rubicon axles are...
  7. California Sold: WTB Bright White Rubicon Front Fenders.

    Looking to for a set of factory Rubicon Front Fenders Bright White in good condition. Either lights or no lights OK. Found a set. No longer needed.
  8. Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area

    Went out to the 59th annual Tierra Del Sol off road event held at Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area this past weekend. This years event was missing alot of the organized happenings due to covid. Still a great showing of rigs and people. Great off roading and time with friends.