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  1. Aravaipa Canyon, AZ

    Southeast AZ ……Hmmmmmm Thanks for posting!
  2. Gorilla Glass. Yes or No?

    Well ….I almost made it 2 weeks. Nice star right in window center. Out I go with RainX glass repair. 😳😁
  3. JTR overhead clearance: 35s, 37s, lift and none

    You’ll know it when you hit it going in. Clunk - Reverse No Clunk - proceed ….but slowly. 😁
  4. Promo video for the new Scout: "America's Next Shot"

    Great vid. Done very well. Let’s see what the product says. I may have missed something, but poster over on Scout says that Jeep is dropping 2 doors. Anyone confirm that?
  5. Gorilla Glass. Yes or No?

    That’s what we have here in AZ. Always have had it. Something like $2 extra a month. Well worth it and No issues here as long as I get it replaced easily. I think I’m on my 5th in a little over 2 years.
  6. Gorilla Glass. Yes or No?

    I recently went back to plain old OEM. Had my GG for a few weeks and wound up with 1 nice sized star rock hit and 2 large cracks that traveled. Insurance wouldn’t replace with GG this time. Not worth the extra effort here in AZ.
  7. Looking at the Gladiator from behind....

    Nice! Great set up indeed. Enjoy.
  8. 2023 Easter Jeep Safari Concepts - First Teasers!

    That in real life and up close is the tits.
  9. 2023 Easter Jeep Safari Concepts - First Teasers!

    Oh helll ….here we go again. Come on April 1. Tell me more #1. Tell me more.
  10. Looking at the Gladiator from behind....

    Ohhhhhh butt dat ass with a little poke and 37s. Yep 😁 13.5” widths really really make a difference as well. And a little frontal goes a long way.
  11. New Release- Extang Solid Fold ALX Bed Cover! Group buy starting 3/14!

    Obligatory tonneau cover pic for thread with no tonneau cover pic …..Enjoy.
  12. Lets see all those Gladiators with lifts and bigger tires!

    Kenneth, have been very pleased with this set up. Hope this helps. Tires 37x13.50-17 Cooper STT PRO Suspension 3.0 Inch Adventure "No Limits" System Wheels BLACK RHINO CHAMBER 17x8.5 ET-18
  13. New steering damper made death wobble worse

    Anyone have a good location that provides all the different torque specs on all these bolts ?
  14. EJS 2023, What'd ya pick?

    Looks like we shall see you on a couple of the days. Won’t be in Gladiator this year as it is the wife’s JL turn. if you see Big Blue running around, stop by and say hello. Top of the World - April 2, 2023 Behind the Rocks Tip-Toe - April 3, 2023 Poison Spider Mesa - April 4, 2023 Steel...
  15. Anyone going to Moab in April for EJS?

    We go every year and will be back in April. Wife’s JL turn this year so no Gladiator. Here are the trails we have signed up for. Top of the World - April 2, 2023 Behind the Rocks Tip-Toe - April 3, 2023 Poison Spider Mesa - April 4, 2023 Steel Bender - April 5, 2023 Hells Revenge -...
  16. Gladiator Off-road Capability

    Heard that. Especially when you are sitting at the bottom looking up in the queue. Beauty is, there is only 1 way out 😳. Funny thing is, loved it so much, went back around and did it again. Slow and steady wins the race. 👍🏻
  17. Gladiator Off-road Capability

    What kind of off roading are we talking here ? And yes ….the Gladiator is very capable.
  18. Looking for a unicorn phone mount. Any suggestions?

    Do yourself a favor and go to CMM And get you one of these.