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  1. Relocate 12v plug

    After installing the mopar break controller i no longer have a 12v plug. Knowing JUST enough to be dangerous when it comes to electronics i want to get some knowledgeable thoughts on this one. im thinking I can use one of the 40a aux lines with my aux switches to wire in another plug using...
  2. Delaware Fox 2.0 IFP shocks

    $100 Shipping is on you. I’m looking to sell my used fox 2.0 IFP shocks. They are the ones meant for 2 to 3 inches of a lift. Both of my front shocks are blown… and the rears have 50,000 miles on them. THEY WILL NEED TO BE REBUILT. here is the link to the fox website where is shows $75 a...
  3. My tranny fluid change

    There are just a mess of threads with little bits and pieces of phenomenal information spread throughout the forum. I’ve even started two or three with questions that have been answered as I started down this path. I figured I would just start one thread about the process I went through to maybe...
  4. Falcon TS steering stabilizer

    I recently installed the falcon steering stabilizer and found that the two black spacer pieces that are intended to be the new mounting point did not match up to the bolts on my tie rod. I attached it to the OEM bracket and it seems to be functioning fine. Ive been in contact with falcon...
  5. is this the right oil?

  6. Presidents Day Sales

    anyone come across any good presidents day sales? Im shopping around for a tie rod / drag link / falcon steering stabilizer and would certainly prefer to get them on sale.
  7. Bilstein 5100

    Im about to pull the trigger on replacing my fox 2.0s. I found these bilstein 5100s and im pretty sure they're the "right" ones. but would like to be sure...
  8. Dynamic Balance

    I went to a local “good ol boy” shop yesterday to get a dynamic balance since theyre the only shop locally I could find that did it. while talking with the worker he said my “fancy rims” couldn’t be dynamic balanced because he cant stock the rim mounted wrights on the edges. i had them do a...
  9. Delaware Tie rod

    I was told recently that my tie rod is a little loose. Not sure if it is but after 85k im willing to believe it. does anyone have their take off oem tie rod theyd like removed from their Garage / shed? Ill pay shipping as long as its not insane.
  10. Fuel door wont close

    Yes I searched first, and I didn’t find a definitive answet. noticed today that my fuel door closes and “clicks” but then the door is in no way locked or secured in. It can just pop out easy with normal driving winds. i found the parts on mopar but the diagram was no help. Anyone ran into this?
  11. starting to look at new tires

    So im starting to research my next set. I LOVE my 255/75/17 dueler ATs. but they are fading fast. im at 6/32nds after 19,000 miles. I tow a lot so Im not surprised really. The cost per mile (because I got the tires CHEAP) is on par with top brands. Current tires...
  12. Best MPG tires

    Ive found a general interest in tires and how the can drastically change the feel of a vehicle. So im curious, what tires do you have/want that you think give the best performance and MPG? I personally love my 255/75/17 Bridgestone Dueler AT tires. I just wish they tread life was better than...
  13. Core 4x4 Sale

    Got this email and wanted to share.
  14. Keystone 250BHS

    So on my way home from my last camping trip my wife and I happened to stop in to camping world and look at a few campers. Of the ones they showed us the Keystone 250 BHS is exactly what we’re looking for in terms of space and functionality for our family as my kids grow. But I have some...
  15. Core 4x4 sale

    Saw this email today. I love my front and rear track bars from them.
  16. Replacing both batteries

    Im at 70k miles and i think its time to replace my batteries. The last couple times I towed by curt app would say the battery was low. So I started watching it. Regularly the power would drop to 3.6- 3.8 while sitting at a light. But it would jump to 4.2 - 4.6 while driving. After this last...
  17. Delaware Black half doors

    Im looking for a set if black half doors. Willing to travel if you have some. Ordering soon? Lets make a deal.
  18. Delaware Ford Bronco Rims

    I got a set of Bronco rims to take the duelers off of them. And now I want them out of my garage! https://delaware.craigslist.org/wto/d/cheswold-ford-bronco-17in-rims/7470612389.html No TPMS sensors on them. see listing or message me here
  19. Delaware Two sets of tires

    Two different sets of tires set 1 4x 245/75/17 Dueler ATs 1x 245/75/17 Dueler HT -mounted on OEM rims --Have 2020 TPMS sensors in them Set 2 4x 245/75/17 Goodyear Wrangler AT w/kevlar see my listings below https://delaware.craigslist.org/wto/d/cheswold-bridgestone-dueler-at/7470611452.html...
  20. Delaware Sold: Steel bumper

    Im selling my mopar steel ebay bumper. See my listing here on CL or message me on the forum https://delaware.craigslist.org/pts/d/cheswold-jeep-steel-bumper/7470613965.html