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  1. Super mega gladiator meetup

    Now that (the thing) is winding down and while some of us can still afford gas & diesel, I think it’s time we put together a massive meet up, camp & wheel. theres simply no way to please everyone geographically and there’s some areas where egregious amounts of pinstriping and or damage is...
  2. Frame bent while towing (not Gladiator, but reminder)

    Not a gladiator but a great reminder that off road trailers are not for bombing though the desert, jumping or generally doing stupid things
  3. Getting desperate. Fuel filter help?

    I need quite a few but my personal JT needs one ASA. Anyone got a source that not back ordered?
  4. Bed mounted chase lights?

    Looking for something I can run that won’t interfere with my tri fold cover mounts? Ideas?
  5. Do windshield hinge lights still blind you?

    Haven’t had any since my TJ days. back then it was mostly beneficial for seeing how clean the hood was at night but I’d really like some ditch lights THAT WORK
  6. Low speed rumble

    I’ve got a “wobble” feeling and sound at low speeds I can’t seem to diagnose. tires good wheels tight and good could rear driveshaft be bad without any visible indication?
  7. GDE tune plus big tires & different gearing

    just an FYI I called and spoke to them today and the gentleman I spoke to advised against getting the ECU/trans tune if you are regeared. I didn’t dig for a reason because he seemed busy but he said “if it was my Jeep I wouldn’t do it”
  8. Converting factory ESS battery system into a (factory) Dual battery setup ?

    Has anyone attempted this without a complex, intimidating & costly aftermarket setup? the factory manages to charge two batteries. I know that even with the Tazer disabled ESS the little battery still gets charged and it can be removed and the Jeep still works so…Other than some sort of a...
  9. Ram is recalling CP4 fuel pumps.

    Since we use the same pump is it possible our Jeeps will follow?
  10. Anza Borego 1/15-1/17

    Anyone going out camping & wheeling?
  11. San Diego wrench party

    Anybody wanna do a meet up to wrench etc on each other’s rigs, share tools/experience etc?
  12. Silverado EV promises 20k towing capability + mid gate design

    I’ll post more info as I catch up on the livestream max price of $105k pretty steep 350kW charging speed 10.2kW Vehicle to vehicle or vehicle to grid (home backup power) up to 11ft of bed space 400 mile range up to 2800lb payload overall not a bad looking truck I’ll let you find your own pics
  13. Gladiators tailgating @ the Rose Bowl game?

    the girl got me some camping gear Figured it would be a great chance for a dry run to try this stuff out anyone else going? If so it’d be cool to park & hang out together, even if you’re Utah fans…
  14. California Rubicon rock rails (San Diego)

    these are virtually brand new. never wheeled pulled off JT with 600 miles on it do not have the hardware kit $200 OBO
  15. Christmas wish lists. I need ideas. What are you asking for?

    The girl has decided the glad needs some cool stuff as part of my Christmas ive been wanting some lights for the a pillars but totally lost on brand or beam pattern works best there. Maybe something amber on the bumper to back up the factory LED fogs? any other great ideas? share your lists
  16. EARL GREY Gladiator JT club

    huge fan of this one. If I was ordering a 2022 it’d 100% be this color
  17. Bronco clearly not above first year growing pains

    Been checking in over at Bronco6g periodically. Looks like two reports of broken cvs and about 40% of the hard tops have problems. also this isn’t brand allegiance I’m super interested in a least the idea of a 2 door bronco warthog, preferably electric
  18. the perfect ecodiesel break in protocol. ?

    Is there such a thing? Someone on the JL side went so far as renting a dyno and spending three hours going up to 100% load on the motor. I’m not sure if spending $1000 is going to pay any dividends but it got me thinking that there’s a least a good/better/best approach
  19. Farley - the diesel powered, Nacho flavored short bus

    Right now this is just a placeholder the name is a shoutout to my favorite actor of all time Chris Farley and the role he played in Billy Madison
  20. Nacho Color closed for ordering

    Go bye bye I like the short term color options. Either gonna increase the values of those lucky enough to get one or completely destroy them ha 50/50