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  1. Body Armor rock crawler side steps

    I have seen multiple debates about these steps between here & facebook groups. The debates are always pretty much the same things as when we look at the side of the gladiator it looks straight, but then you install these which are essentially a straight edge (given that the main portion of them...
  2. Body Armor rock crawler side steps

    Foot is a 13 wide for reference.
  3. Body Armor rock crawler side steps

    No there is not. Thats just the angle the picture was taken from interacting with the body lines. If I take a picture from the same angle it also looks like they are sticking out at the front. I just walked out & took these from above & below.
  4. Body Armor rock crawler side steps

    Nahh.. The body lines on the JT are not straight. Its tapered to the back, ever so slightly. So with these steps because its basically a straight box tube its kicked out at the back to make contact. You can see it in the images of the steps. They are simply wider at the back end then the front...
  5. Body Armor rock crawler side steps

    The pic above is by design. They do have a slight angle to them. Mine have been on for 2.5 years or so now & they have not had an issue after install. I have also abused them much more then what I should have using them in the rocks. For the purpose of a step I would not hesitate to buy these again.
  6. KBD Fender Flares

    Logo on those is Artec https://artecindustries.com/collections/jeep-jt-gladiator-2020
  7. KBD Fender Flares

    You dont really need rear inner fenders. There is very little to protect. They clean things up some, but not mission critical. And yes I am happy with the fenders still. I got the first run (being as I ordered before they even had JT pictures). My lights in them all went out over the winter...
  8. KBD Fender Flares

    Based on design I dont think the stock inners would work well. Mine were already long gone when i got the KBD flares, but the stock inners being floppy & wouldnt have much to attach them to other then pinching them between the KBD flares & the body. Would require more trimming then I would want...
  9. Premium subwoofer upgrade.

    Not me.. I would be fine with a fairly basic 5 channel amp under the passenger seat. I dont need big noise.. I just need it to be louder then the wind & tires when driving naked.
  10. Premium subwoofer upgrade.

    I hadn’t seen that one. Definitely the cleanest I’ve seen now
  11. Premium subwoofer upgrade.

    The powered alpine sub from the kit is going to be shortlived for me now.. Just not enough there. I have too much shit under the back seat though so I gotta find something for behind the rear seat. Keep hoping someone will of tried one of these slim truck box's
  12. What did I screw up (Steering related)

    I know several people local to me in southern idaho who swear by em. I changed just because of the wear & that I could feel every damn lug at low speeds on the pavement. I didnt even change them with the death wobble in mind, but it was gone after just the same.
  13. What did I screw up (Steering related)

    Yeah I did.. But it wasnt a single thing that fixed it. The last one was new tires. I wont ever run milestar's again as everything else was done for months before I finally broke down & got the new tires & everything is good now.
  14. New Clayton 2.5" Kit!

    Logistics would suck being across the country but I would gladly do that if it wasnt more trouble then its worth.. Eventually I intend to move up to the taller springs.
  15. Post your Gladiator takeoffs here!

    They are the thing's that go over your wheels? Bushwacker in brand.
  16. Post your Gladiator takeoffs here!

    These are still taking up space in my garage.. 300 bucks for all just to get it the hell out of my way. Ace Inner Fenders Bushwacker Fender's (all 4)
  17. Post your Gladiator takeoffs here!

  18. Post your Gladiator takeoffs here!

    Dude there is a designated classified section & a designated section for your area.. Why spam your classifieds clear on the other end of the continent.
  19. Post your Gladiator takeoffs here!

    Man last time I looked MD is a long ways from the northwest
  20. Is this a good winch?

    For 200 bucks its probably worth it.. Its most likely about the same quality as the slew of 3-400 dollar 12k winch's on amazon. If you think your actually going to be using it on an even semi regular basis I would spend a bit more & get the HF.