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  1. JT a sales failure & doomed to same fate as the Scrambler?

    well my reply was meant to have humor and you took it much too literally
  2. JT a sales failure & doomed to same fate as the Scrambler?

    Obviously, a lot has melted since we've had above freezing temps and rain recently. But cumulative snowfall has been over 70". And I do have 3 foot snowbanks in my backyard that I could haul down to @ShadowsPapa if he wanted them... "...puts the season so far at 70.4 inches in the Twin...
  3. JT a sales failure & doomed to same fate as the Scrambler?

    I'll haul down our 70"+ from the Twin Cities for ya...
  4. Good deal reached on 22 however..

    that's the way I'd look at it, the extra interest paid over the course of a couple months is the cost to get the $11k off MSRP in my case the dealer asked me to wait 5 months; I refi'd with a credit union couple days after that fifth payment
  5. Gladiator rear creak when cold.

    I've heard creaking in suspension during cold days here as well. It's happened to all our vehicles irregardless of manufacturer.
  6. Window Replacement - $150

    good to know :like: hopefully i'm never watching that video, but then again in the city I live in there is a chance I'll be back to this thread
  7. Incoming competition: 2024 Ranger Raptor first look on U.S. production line

    Love it. Wonder if they’ll have just as much delivery issues as the Bronco.
  8. SIRIUS Guardian ' 6 for 60 '

    ooh this was the info I was waiting for, mine expired beginning of Dec 2022, didn’t want to call until I had a decent angle for the price I was willing to pay 👍🏻
  9. 2023 Chevy Colorado Is More Truck For Not Much More Money

    Tested the previous gen Colorado ZR2 back to back to back with the Ranger and Gladiator. It was…ok. Guess I wanted to get away from GM after having a Hummer H3 for 12 yrs. The transmission was brutal so hopefully it’s much smoother now in this current gen. I do like the new styling, however.
  10. M.O.R.E. Dead Pedal: More than a foot rest.

    It's not a height thing, but an ergonomic thing. The OEM orientation of the Jeep seat combined with having your foot flat on the floor is just uncomfortable for a lot of us.
  11. Virus alert

    clear your browser cache
  12. Massive Deep Freeze for Christmas?

    always ready for the cold up here :like:
  13. Cold weather = Death wobble

    Weird. I’ve been driving in nothing but weather < 37 degrees now for several weeks and never ever have issues. Going slow in a neighborhood, going fast on a highway, just don’t have any steering issues.
  14. They’re Still Trying To Sell My 2022 Diesel Rubicon

    I've got USAA auto insurance (father served so me/my family qualify for a policy) and for all 3 of my vehicles here in the riot-fueled city of Minneapolis proper it's just a little more than $190/month
  15. Apple CarPlay issue fixed with most recent iOS 15.2.1?

    interesting, I hadn't really thought about wireless Airplay since I mostly listen to my radio but this device w/ the $30 off coupon makes it intriguing
  16. Apple CarPlay issue fixed with most recent iOS 15.2.1?

    what's the difference between the U2-AIR and U2-X Pro versions?
  17. Anyone have DV8 Hood Latch Locks?

    Good tip for me for my next dealer appt, I may need to open my Rugged Ridge latches when handing over the vehicle