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  1. JL Diesel now available to order. $6k price revealed

    Dealer called me today and said I could order a JT or Wrangler. sorry. Edited She was wrong. Just JL anyone else get incentive below? Admin edit: Link to JL order sheet: https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/3-0d-jeep-diesel-now-available-for-ordering-priced-at-6k.39290/
  2. Excessive wandering 3.73 vs 4.10 gears?

    I have test driven multiple Gladiators and I am curious if the 3.73 has less noticeable wander vrs the 4.10 once tire pressure and alignments have been adjusted to preference. Please vote if you have the issue. Both 3.73 geared JTs I have driven only had a slight wander and the last two 4.10...
  3. Owner and consumer Test Drive Reviews

    Thought it might be worthwhile to have a thread with reviews from owners and consumer test drives. Could be a place for odd questions as well. I’d suggest starting with model driven and major options and list out what you liked and didn’t like. Red Overland, Auto, hardtop with AT tires and...
  4. Gladiator versus Ford Ranger

    I figure the biggest competitor for the JT pertaining specifically to side-line buyers in the Ranger. Those that wanted a Tacoma have had ample time to buy one as they rolled out in 2016 and in 2018 added all the safety tech and made adjustments to the driveline (biggest complaint). Like the...
  5. JT Email Survey

    Pretty cool touch from Jeep, as I signed up for new updates and got an email from Jeep seeking my input on the overall design and for improvement suggestions. I was very complimentary of the JT, but did add that I would like to have had the designers find a way to get an inch or two worth of...